Mental Toughness & the Performance Wheel

We all know how important mental toughness is.

Recently the following article was posted by the CBC: NHL goalies getting creative with at-home training during pandemic.

During this challenging time, I often remind my goaltending clients to bring their awareness and focus on the things that they can control. Utilizing the High-Performance Equation and the Performance Wheel goaltenders can maximize their training by focusing on other elements of their game, namely their physical, tactical, mental, and lifestyle components. Goaltenders must remember that gaining self-control is crucial to developing their mental game. A key to self-control is learning the difference between concerns beyond your control and the things that you can control. Champions focus their thoughts and energies on things that they can control. MENTAL TOUGHNESS IS WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON!  I challenge you to ask and answer the following questions:

  1. How will I respond to concerns outside of my control more effectively?
  2. Starting today, how will I take charge of the things I can control?

Stay happy, healthy, and strong!  And remember to contact us if you have nay questions.


John Stevenson