Why Choose Zone Psychology?

Zone Performance is an Alberta Based Health and Performance Centre. We are focused on treating many types of mental health conditions such as ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic Brain Injuries. We also work with business, athletic and performing arts clients to optimize their performance, health, and well-being. What truly sets us apart from other clinics is that we use the world’s most scientifically-validated technology to optimize brain health along with counselling. We utilize a combination of comprehensive assessment procedures and innovative treatment techniques including Biofeedback/Neurofeedback, Audio Visual Entrainment, Cognitive-Perceptual Training and Third Wave Behavior Therapies.

At this difficult time, Zone Performance is committed to continuing to provide quality services at our Edmonton, based office and from the comfort of your own home. Advancements in technology now allow us to offer a personalized Neurofeedback and Cognitive-Perceptual training program at home with remote professional supervision.

Our program emphasizes a non-pharmaceutical approach. At Zone Performance we work in collaboration with a variety of professionals such as Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Nutritionists, and Strength/Conditioning coaches to optimize the Mind-Body connection so that we can optimize our clients physical and mental well-being!