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Mindset Mondays Episode One – The Performance Wheel

Episode One, the Performance Wheel – launches the series as he talks about the performance wheel and how it is critical to balance the entire wheel, including what John calls the Lifestyle Hub.

Mindset Mondays Episode Two – Active Awareness

In episode two, John talks about the skill of active awareness and the importance of recognizing that you are not your thoughts, and they do not control you. Find out an important lesson he learned early on that stayed with him, and eventually inspired his work today at Zone Performance. Goalies need quality control in all areas of the performance wheel, from episode one. Being great on the ice and off the ice is key, but having good tactical, mindset, and lifestyle habits provides a foundation for both success and managing setbacks. Learn all this and more, including a drill he worked on with Braden Holtby.

Oxygen Advantage Series – State Management – Introduction to Breathwork

In this video series John will guide athletes through a series of breathwork drills and knowledge to improve their lives and ultimately their athletic performance. He begins with State Management and and introduction to breathwork along with the numerous physical and psychological benefits of this Mental Skills Practice.

Oxygen Advantage Series – State Management – 3 Pillars of Functional Breathing

John continues the Oxygen Advantage series and now provides some greater context through the discussion of his three pillars of breathing and even provides a ‘goalie specific’ context to the protocol by conducting the breathing exercises using proper head trajectory on the puck.

Oxygen Advantage Series – State Management – Meditation Set-Up

In this video John talks about developing and practicing the Goalie Mantra: “I have no future…. I have no past… My Goal is to make the Present Last… I am Right Here… Right Now ” As John puts it, The Practice of Mindfulness is about being more aware of your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and the external environment in the present-moment-and making better-informed choices about what you’ll do now, having this new awareness.

Oxygen Advantage – State Management – Monkey Mind

Learn how John helped elite goalies gather their mindset during a trade situation. The mind may wonder but you are in control of your thoughts.

Oxygen Advantage – State Management – The Danger of Using and Relying on Apps and Guided Meditations

In this instalment of the Oxygen Advantage series for goalies, John discusses the dangers of relying on digital technology for controlling your state and for guided meditation. John poses the questions of ‘What happens when you do not has wifi access or battery life on your device?’ as well as what can an app do for you during the game.

Oxygen Advantage – The Importance of Breathwork with a Pro Goaltender Nic Schneider

Want to find out what a professional-level goalie needs to do from a mental and lifestyle standpoint?

Nic Schneider has been a long-time client of John’s and sits down to discuss how breathing drills have helped him, both before and after a game. The grind in the pro-level is something that takes discipline and strategy off the ice. Find out what John and Nic discuss in this instalment of the Oxygen Advantage series for goaltenders.

The Purpose Behind the Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Program

John discusses the purpose of the small breath holds in the Oxygen Advantage program as well as the importance of being less sensitive to carbon dioxide in our bodies.

If you’ve been following along you will know sometimes it can be hard to be calm when experiencing breathlessness.

Oxygen Advantage – State Management – Warm Up with Many Small Breath Holds

In Episode 8, John and Nick begin to demonstrate the breath hold warm-ups while seated. There are several really important things to keep mindful of, including the temperature change of the air in and out.

We start seated, to reduce the cognitive payload from standing, squatting, planking and in goalie postures. Those progressions come later.

Oxygen Advantage – State Management – Breathe Light Exercise (Seated) with College Goaltender Brett Epp

John provides another excellent exercise in the Oxygen Advantage series for goalies. You will learn about the Three Pillars of Functional Breathing and much more.

Oxygen Advantage – State Management – 3 Pillars of Functional Breathing (While Standing)

This is another great instalment in the Oxygen Advantage series for goalies. As we begin to perform the three fundamentals of breathing while standing. Don’t rush this process as we will get to goalie specific stance and much harder drills

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