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Executive Coaching & Personalized Coaching For Peak Performance

The latest research from Harvard suggests that we spend 47% of our time at work mentally off-task. We are often thinking about the past and/or future. And when we are distracted, we are not able to be productive or fulfilled. Our One-on-One Executive Coaching Program uses a combination of the latest cutting-edge technology.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Will Durant


  • Are you mentally at the top of your game every time you take on the challenges specific to your personal life or work environment?


  • Would you like to learn how to mentally program yourself to be able to shift into your personal ZONE of best performance – on command?


  • Have you wanted to mentally prepare yourself like a Champion, but never knew exactly how to go about it?


Based on the latest research and methodology from the best minds in the world, Zone Health & Performance’s Executive Coaching and Personalized Coaching brings about transformational change that lasts.


  • What do you really want to accomplish right now?


  • What is limiting you from realizing your greatest potential?


  • What are the unique action steps that move you from ‘where you are’ to where you really want to be?


These are some of the fundamental questions we help our clients navigate in the pursuit of their fullest potential.


Performance Thinking addresses two basic but profoundly important questions:


  1. How do I mentally sabotage my own performance?
  2. How can I learn not to?

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Medication-Free Health & Performance Therapy

Is Personal or Executive Performance Coaching Right For You?

Coaching is for those who are:

  1. Motivated to start making an effective, lasting difference in their life by changing their mindset and attitude.
  2. Driven and want to start feeling more confident, empowered, and successful in the workplace, becoming a better leader.
  3. Willing to put in the work to tone and improve their mental game in business, sport, and life.


Not ready to do the work? Then we’re not right for you.


If you are committed to being the best person you can be and you are willing “to get comfortable being uncomfortable”, then these programs and techniques will not only optimize your performance and productivity, but your overall health and well-being so that you have the necessary Mental Resilience skills and Emotional Intelligence required to succeed and thrive in the hyper-competitive corporate world and allow you to achieve your personal goals.


If you are actively wanting to achieve greater performance in your personal and professional life, then this intensive one-on-one program will improve and promote your:

  • Decision Making
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Awareness
  • Well-being
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Focus and Mental Stamina
  • Better Sleep Patterns
  • Emotional Intelligence to foster greater creativity and innovation
  • And Decrease your Stress and create inner peace

Mindfulness-Based Coaching

The ability to be present, calm, aware, focused, clear, positive, compassionate, impeccable, and equanimous are the core skills that will be developed with this type of meditation training. The scientific benefits from this type of practice are numerous:
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Personal/Health Benefit

  • A brain rewired for greater focus and happiness
  • Improved Immune System
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • A healthier heart
  • A reduction in chronic pain and a greater ability to manage it
  • Decreased anxiety and better handling of stress
  • Improved Memory
  • Improved ability to learn
  • Regulated emotions
  • Improved cognitive-processing


Organizational/Professional Benefits

  • Creativity
  • An ability to anticipate and serve client needs
  • Increased ability to listen to others and utilize valid feedback
  • Better handling of stressful situations and working more effectively under pressure
  • Ability to more effectively coach or mentor staff
  • Improved time management
  • An ability to prioritize
  • Better judgement and decision making
  • Improved concentration on the task at hand and enhanced ability to stay focused, making one more effective
  • Enhanced capacity to work on multiple projects because of enhanced ability to focus on a single task in a given moment, thereby becoming much more effective and efficient
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Neurofeedback Training.

Neurofeedback, also called EEG Biofeedback is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive, drugless method for teaching the brain to function in a more balanced and healthful way. A simple and pleasant learning modality that can help shift the way the brain produces and distributes its electrical energy. Four divisions of electrical impulses made by our brain, Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta are called “Frequency Bands”. These Frequency Bands tell us which parts of your brain are active and which frequency bands the brain should be using to complete a given task, activity or should be most active during different states of mind.

The qEEG-report is the assessment process that allows us to determine the brain wave patterns by gathering information about the electrical activity of specific locations of the brain. To do this, we place what looks like a swim cap with a number of sensors on your head to measure the brain wave activity of the various frequency bands. This is done with the client sitting quietly with his or her eyes closed for approximately 12 minutes and then with eyes open for an additional 12 minutes. Our equipment will then analyze this information and generate a series of images that will identify which areas of the brain may be too active or not active enough. This is called a Brain Map. The Brain Map provides an invaluable overview of what is going on in the brain and will be used in conjunction with information provided by the client to develop the training plan.

Our Featured Technology

Quantitative Electroencephalography

We start by using advanced qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography) technology that precisely measures your unique brainwave activity. It is performed to investigate brain wave patterns associated with concentration and attention.

The assessment usually takes between 3-4 hours and consists of:

  1. Interview and history. Review of previous assessments if any.
  2. A series of questionnaires and behavior checklists.
  3. Cognitive Performance/Perceptual Assessments.
  4. Psycho-Educational/Executive Assessments.
Quantitative Electroencephalography Qeeg
Cambridge Brain Sciences Neurological Assessments

Cognitive Assessments With Cambridge Brain Sciences

Zone Health & Performance Psychology is proud to partner with Cambridge Brain Sciences. They are a leading provider of cognitive assessment tools for clinicians and medical practices, providing scientifically-validated cognitive tasks that produce objective measures across multiple cognitive domains.

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Cognitive Assessments

A series of Cognitive Performance tests that provide objective and quantifiable measures of:

  1. Attention: Visual and Auditory, selective attention, vigilance, memory and verbal working memory.
  2. Executive Functioning: Figural Fluency, interference, cognitive flexibility, response inhibition and task switching.
  3. Visual Information Processing and Mental Processing Speed.
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