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Biofeedback Therapy

What Is BioFeedback?

If you have ever had your temperature taken, you have received BioFeedBack. Your temperature is “feedback” about your body that tells you whether or not you have a fever. Once you realize you have one, you can improve your condition by going to bed or drinking plenty of fluids.

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What To Expect In Neurofeedback & BioFeedback Therapy

The therapist will un-intrusively tape or strap between two to six sensors or electrodes onto your body in order to collect data. The sensors may be attached to your head, fingers, hands or abdomen. There are no needles or painful procedures involved.

Once the sensors are attached, your body’s responses are communicated to the BioFeedBack machine and charted in a way that your therapist will explain. Most machines can measure your body’s blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, galvanic skin response (sweating), muscle tension and/or brainwave function.

During a 50-minute NeuroFeedBack session, sensors are attached to the scalp at preselected locations with EEG paste, which detects the brain waves. It is a painless procedure and does not involve the application of any voltage or current to the brain. It is entirely non-invasive.

The NeuroFeedBack Performance Psychology Consultant observes the brain in action on the computer screen from moment to moment by monitoring brain waves and rewards shifts towards more optimal and stable brain states.

As the client engages in a training or video game that responds to the athlete’s brain waves that represent well-regulated attention focus and arousal levels the graphics appear uninterrupted.

Conversely, when the brain waves are not meeting the parameters set by the intervention, the training screen or video game is temporally stopped. Specifically, NeuroFeedBack (auditory and visual) allows the client’s brain to detect and release sub-optimal patterns, which can be a source of distraction-such as negative self-talk and self-regulate them and convert them into a positive attentional focus.

Consequently, the brain responds to the challenge of the feedback and moves towards a more adaptive and flexible functioning. During the course of the training, program settings are continuously adjusted on the feedback program to define greater challenges for the athlete until the client achieves mastery. In some cases, this can be done in 20-40 sessions, in others it could take quite a bit longer.

BioFeedback – Heartrate Variability Training

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a technique that measures your physiological functions under stress and peak performance like breathing (respiration rate RR), heart rate (HR), and blood pressure (BP). This technique teaches clients how to self-regulate these functions through diaphragmatic breathing techniques taught at an optimal pace to ensure coherence between heart rate and respiration. More specifically, heart rate is coordinated with your breathing patterns and vice versa. The client will receive feedback on the monitors how these physiological functions change (HRV) under situations of stress and optimal functioning in both performance and life situations. The aim of the process is to teach clients how to control or self-regulate HRV for optimal functioning under pressure on demand.
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Our Featured Technology

Quantitative Electroencephalography

We start by using advanced qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography) technology that precisely measures your unique brainwave activity. It is performed to investigate brain wave patterns associated with concentration and attention.

The assessment usually takes between 3-4 hours and consists of:

  1. Interview and history. Review of previous assessments if any.
  2. A series of questionnaires and behavior checklists.
  3. Cognitive Performance/Perceptual Assessments.
  4. Psycho-Educational/Executive Assessments.
Quantitative Electroencephalography Qeeg
Cambridge Brain Sciences Neurological Assessments

Cognitive Assessments With Cambridge Brain Sciences

Zone Health & Performance Psychology is proud to partner with Cambridge Brain Sciences. They are a leading provider of cognitive assessment tools for clinicians and medical practices, providing scientifically-validated cognitive tasks that produce objective measures across multiple cognitive domains.

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Cognitive Assessments

A series of Cognitive Performance tests that provide objective and quantifiable measures of:

  1. Attention: Visual and Auditory, selective attention, vigilance, memory and verbal working memory.
  2. Executive Functioning: Figural Fluency, interference, cognitive flexibility, response inhibition and task switching.
  3. Visual Information Processing and Mental Processing Speed.
Cognitive Assessments Psychology


What Our Clients Say

Five Star Google Review

John Stevenson is one of the most passionate and dedicated professionals I’ve ever met. He provided me with a new perspective and insight with regards to chronic pain and anxiety. He has a genuine desire to help others realize their maximum potential. I would highly recommend John and his team of professional staff to anyone.

Five Star Google Review

I would highly recommend everyone at Zone. They are absolutely amazing and caring. They customize a plan to fit you individually, follow up on progress and keep you posted consistently. This is hands down the best place for neurofeedback ! Very happy with the results and I appreciate every single employee at Zone, including John who provides excellent patient care.

Five Star Google Review

I want to share my experiences at Zone Health & Performance wIth John Stevenson. I had a stroke and my speech was irreversible damaged so I had to remap my brain for my speech again. I worked with John and his staff diligently 3X a week for over a year! It was hard work but it also was fun.My speech has improved so much that when I meet someone that don’t know that after my stroke I couldn’t even put a sentence together! I would highly recommend Zone Health & Performance it…improved my life!

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Why Should You Choose Zone?

One of the things that makes us unique at Zone Health & Performance Psychology is that we combine these types of Talk Therapies with Neurofeedback/Biofeedback to optimize the nervous system. Our clients learn a variety of Mindfulness-based/Biofeedback tools and strategies to stabilize their mind while simultaneously optimizing their internal physiology and overall health. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Zone Health and Performance will provide permanent and natural alternative solutions for those who are seeking non-pharmaceutical options to their health and well-being.