Autism treatment for children and adults. Drug free options.

Use Neurofeedback to Treat Autism Symptoms and Improve Social Skills​

People who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder show a range of challenges with social skills, motor skills, speech and nonverbal communication, outbursts, the inability to perceive sights and sounds adequate and repetitive behaviours. The terminology “spectrum” is used to describe the wide variety of challenges faced by people with Autism.

How is Autism Usually Treated?

The most common treatments for Autism include behaviour therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and nutritional therapy. Through these treatments, researchers have seen decreased emotional outbursts, and improved attention and learning behaviours.

How does Zone Psychology treat Autism?

At Zone Psychology, we often recommend a series of neurofeedback sessions for our autism clients. 

We have seen improvements in our autism clients from from neurofeedback. Those that have been observed include: initiation of touch and contact, reduced emotional outbursts, clear speech patterns, better responses to parental and teacher instructions, increased imaginative thought, decreased hyperactivity and improvement of social skills.

What are the causes of Autism?

The cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder is inconclusive. Researchers have found a combination of abnormalities may cause the disorder to develop, including genetic factors, chemical imbalances or environmental influences.

Insurance Coverage for Treating Autism

Zone Psychology offers DIRECT BILLING. Your treatments for autism  may be covered by your health insurance plan or employee health benefits. Contact us or your health insurance provider about coverage.

No Referral Required

You don’t need a doctor or psychologist referral to get a neurofeedback assessment done.

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