Mental Performance Training

Mental Performance Training

Individual and Team Training, Discover your Inner Champion.

Mental Performance Training Programs

You can train every day. Work out. Take vitamins and supplements. Be in the best shape of your life…BUT when it comes to game time you just don’t perform as well as you thought you would. You may even experience sweaty palms, pit in your stomach or your mind goes blank.

Zone Performance provides parents, coaches, and athletes quick and effective solutions to assist them in achieving and even exceeding their performance goals.

Are you ready to break through your barriers with Mental Performance Training?

You know you’re not performing up to your potential. You want to take your game to the next level but you’re not sure how to accomplish this. There’s a limit on physical training BUT the possibilities are limitless when you train your mental game. Tap into your limitless performance, simply by combining your physical training with mental toughness training for athletes.

Gain the Competitive Advantage with our Mental Performance Training

With Zone Performance’s Mental Toughness Program for Athletes One-on-One Sports Psychology/Mental Game Coaching.

Zone Performance provides parents, coaches, and athletes quick and effective mental performance training solutions to assist them in achieving and even exceeding their performance goals. Athletes rapidly gain the insight, tools, and strategies to understand how their mind works and to gain control over it in a way that optimizes their personal performance, as opposed to sabotaging it. Sports Psychology for Athletes offered at Zone Performance in Alberta, Canada ensures that your Mindset is more consistently positive and productive, which in turn, allows producing performance results “under pressure and on demand”.

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Discover Your Inner Champion

  • Achieve the optimal state of mind – to perform your best under any conditions
  • Gain new motivation and confidence – to break through mental barriers
  • Unleash the power of your body, mind, and spirit – to realize your full potential
  • Create a healthy, balanced lifestyle – athletically, professionally, and personally
  • Deal with fear – and use it to propel you forward
  • Handle stress, anxiety, and health concerns
  • Think, act and perform like a champion!


Find out where you are mentally strong, and the specific areas that keep you from reaching your potential.

This is a customized plan FOCUSED on SPECIFIC mental toughness areas REQUIRING improvement and/or specific focus. Examples include: goal setting and monitoring, improving confidence, maintaining composure, coping with injury, getting and staying focused, overcoming perfectionism and fear, COPING with mistakes, not letting frustration or anger override your performance.

To facilitate the custom MGP and celebrate advances in mental skills and performance success. Clients will also receive weekly exercises to help them move forward quickly and efficiently (in person by phone or on the playing field).
The curriculum is designed to provide each athlete/ performer with all mental game handouts, reading materials, audio programs and workbooks.
No matter the sport or discipline, Coach John will develop a custom mental imagery script to help you find and stay in your “zone” faster and easier, better prepare you mentally for competition, and provide you with a plan to continuously improve your mental toughness skills.
Support between mental training sessions.


Mental Toughness Training with John Stevenson can take place in person or via the phone or ZOOM. Sessions occur by appointment only. These may be made via telephone or in person. Each session is approximately 60 minutes


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Check out the following videos that highlight how Biofeedback and Neurofeedback have helped Canadian Olympic Athletes have a Mental Edge over the competition!

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