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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of purposefully becoming a neutral observer to our thoughts, feelings and sensations by recognizing their impermanence and living in the present moment, non-judgementally, with self-compassion. This practice allows us to dis-identify with negative thought patterns by increasing our awareness and helping us learn how to respond versus react to difficult thoughts, feelings and sensations by teaching us tools we can learn and use daily.

What is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy?

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy is an evidence-based therapy which has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, fatigue, self-esteem, anger management, insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder and relationship difficulties, to name a few. The essence of MBCT is discovering how to let go of negative thinking and behaviour patterns.

Here at Zone Psychology we offer a 10 week, non-pharmaceutical, practice-based mindfulness program that builds on these concepts’ week by week. These taught tools can be personalized and added to one’s lifestyle to improve daily functioning and reduce presenting symptoms, while promoting self-compassion. Our mindfulness program is suitable for individuals aged 12 years and up. 

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Awareness of breath is one of the major mindfulness practices we teach and focus on here at Zone Psychology. Mindful Diaphragmatic breathing can increase cerebral blood flow and teach us how to be in the present moment by physically feeling our breath. Breath practice trains us in letting go, being more present, and learning how to detach ourselves from our thoughts and feelings. Often when people experience Anxiety they tend to focus on the future or things beyond their control. Clients experiencing Depression often find their mind drifting or ruminating about past experiences or events that are beyond their control. Breath awareness meditation teaches that we cannot physically feel our breath in the past, nor can we physically feel our breath in the future. The only place we can feel our breath is in the present moment. By learning this skill, we are able to increase our personal awareness and ground ourselves in the present moment by teaching us how to let go of thoughts of the past and or the future.

Active Awareness is another major mindfulness principle that we teach at our clinic. Active Awareness teaches us that we are more than the sum of our thoughts, feelings and sensations. Clients will learn that they can have a thought and feeling about anything in their life without the thought and feeling having them. By becoming a neutral, curious and compassionate observer to our thoughts, feelings and sensations we can learn to be in the present moment while also creating a degree of separation/detachment from our thoughts, feelings and sensations. Our clients come to realize that thoughts are not facts; they are merely mental events, and we can learn how to notice thoughts in a similar way in which we notice our other senses, such as smell, sound and taste.

Mindful meditation practices give us the opportunity to have an open, compassionate attentiveness to whatever is going on. By gaining a compassionate openness, we gain the ability to be with one self and one situation through all kinds of experiences. As Viktor Frankl said: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom”.


Are you having difficulty getting to and staying asleep?

Do you often find that your mind is racing?

Do you often find that you get stuck with consistent stressful thoughts and feelings about your future?

Do you have constant unsubstantiated worry that causes significant distress and interferes with your daily life?

Do you avoid social situations for the fear of being judged, embarrassed and or humiliated?

Do you have out-of-the-blue panic attacks and the pre-occupation with the fear of having another one?

Do you have fears about or do you avoid certain objects, places and or situations that pose little or no threat of danger?


Do you find that you often get stuck in a slump?

Do you often feel sad or down even when you are participating in a seemingly fun activity?
Are you struggling with changes in weight or appetite?

Do you find yourself struggling to find motivation to complete small daily tasks?

Do you feel a persistent feeling of sadness and or a loss of interest?

Do you feel constantly tired and fatigued?

Do you find yourself withdrawing from your friends and family?

Do you have difficulty concentrating, remembering things and or making decisions?

Have you tried the Pharmaceutical approach and found very little success with regard to dealing with your symptoms and improving the quality and vitality of your life? If you are suffering with any of the aforementioned symptoms, THERE IS HOPE. At Zone Psychology, we can provide you with viable treatment options that not only reduce these symptoms but help you gain back control of your life and thrive while being the best version of yourself.

Why Choose Zone Psychology?

One of the things that makes us unique at Zone Psychology is that we combine Mindfulness cognitive therapy and Biofeedback to optimize the nervous system. Our clients learn a variety of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy / biofeedback tools and strategies to stabilize their mind while simultaneously optimizing their internal physiology and overall health. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Zone Psychology will provide permanent and natural alternative solutions for those who are seeking non-pharmaceutical options to their health and well-being.  Contact us now!

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