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Why are perceptual skills important?

Perceptual skills are the ability of our brain to process the information we are seeing quickly and accurately. This is important in many individual activities throughout the day and under certain circumstances this ability is crucial. The body’s ability to see, read and react quickly and more efficiently is important for everyone. This could relate to making quicker decisions on the playing surface for athletes or everyday activities such as driving a car. The ability to train your perceptual skills keeps us safe as our body can react to underlying circumstances that may arise every day. 

“Athletes must have excellent visual skills to triumph in their sports. Everyday expression such as ‘the eyes lead the body’ and ‘keep your eyes on the ball’ and ‘you can’t hit what you can’t see’ highlight the prevalence of this notion across athletics (Applebaum, 2016). In fact, it is widely accepted across research domains that the most elite athletes exhibit significantly higher levels of visual and cognitive skills than those less skilled in their sports.”

“Most players I came across were quicker and stronger than me. Decisions making is what controls our physical actions” 

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