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Who does cognitive brain training work best for?

Cognitive brain training works for everyone. Gain a competitive edge in whatever field you are in whether it is school, work, general health, clinical or athletics. With the use of our equipment and trainers we can train an individual’s peripheral awareness, dynamic visual acuity, depth perception, eye-hand coordination, color vision, and contrast sensitivity. At Zone Performance Psychology our clients often report the following benefits after the use of Cognitive training: 

  • Expands peripheral awareness
  • Challenges neuro-cognitive abilities
  • Improved functional mobility
  • Academic Improvements
  • Increased speed, accuracy, and efficiency to absorb visual information


  • Mental Decision Making
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Reaction times
  • Concentration under stress and fatigue
  • Dynamic visual acuity
  • Visual tracking
  • Mental stamina (fewer mental mistakes)

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