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What is sports vision training and how does it work?

Sports vision training, or what we like to call cognitive perceptual training, is training athletes for them to “see, read and react” quickly and accurately to different situations they may come across on the playing surface. With vision being the primary sense and accounting for 85% to 90% of the sensory processing demands in athletes, training in this area allows for expanding peripheral awareness, improved decision making, eye-hand coordination, reaction time, concentration, tracking, and improvement in mental stamina. We understand that athletes’ time is very limited, and the demands placed upon them during the season can be extensive. Cognitive-Perceptual or vision training doesn’t have to be done at our office. We now have programs that you can use remotely anywhere, anytime to develop these crucial skills. By practicing only 30 minutes per/week athletes can start to “see” (pardon the pun) significant differences in their game.

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