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What is cognitive rehabilitation training?

An example of cognitive rehabilitation training is Zone Performance Psychology’s concussion rehabilitation and baseline testing protocol. This consists of a series of tests examining memory, concentration, visual tracking speed, processing abilities, balance, and reaction timing. These tests are used to assess the overall current functioning of the brain. If a concussion is later suspected, the results established from the baseline can be measured against a post-test and used to determine impairment in brain functioning. In addition, they are used as an effective measure to determine when the brain has fully recovered, and the athlete is safe to return to play or the client is ready to return to work. For most accurate measures, a baseline test for athletes should be done prior to the start of each season. Following a concussion, the “sitting in a dark room” approach is only effective for so long. Concussions, like other injuries, should be properly managed and rehabilitated. At Zone Health & Performance Psychology we understand that each client is affected differently and therefore a customized rehabilitation program will be designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Management strategies are used to limit the amount of impairment as well as expedite recovery as much as possible. As everyone’s rehabilitation process is different, all our drills are customizable for your needs. Cognitive training can rehab the brain, while the body is also recovering.

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