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What does cognitive training do to the brain?

Every individual’s brain evaluates sensory stimuli differently, with the ability to assess an individual’s visual, cognitive and visuomotor skills we can establish an overview of how their brain is able to receive, interpret and respond to external information.  

The initial baseline evaluation conducted at Zone Performance Psychology measures visual, cognitive, and visuomotor skills. The assessment tools utilized at Zone establish a broad and comprehensive overview of the brain’s ability to receive, interpret, and respond to the world around it. The ability to baseline visual skills before therapy begins, provides our clinic with a critical benchmark to which brain functioning over time can be compared. The sensory exercises conducted by our staff address functions such as visual neglect, visual motor integration, visual field skills, eye-movements, and the coordination of peripheral / central vision.   

Visual, cognitive and visuomotor skill can also be impacted by many various brain health conditions. Brain diseases may present differently in every person. This makes it critical to have a benchmark to which brain healing can be compared over time based on individual measures.

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