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What are cognitive perceptual skills?

Cognitive perceptual skills are the ability for the athlete to be able to process information and be able to act accordingly to the situation.  Vision is the primary sense used by athletes and may account for 85% to 90% of the sensory stimulation during sports activity. Zone Health & Performance Psychology improves an athlete’s performance by training visual skills such as:

  • Peripheral Awareness – allows perception of what’s going on at either side of you without turning your head
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity – enables sustained and clear focus on objects when they are moving quickly
  • Depth Perception – provides spatial judgments, such as how far away an object or person is
  • Eye-Hand Coordination – involves the coordinated processing of visual input and motor-skills involved in hand movement
  • Color Vision – the ability to detect different colors and hues to interpret subtle features in the environment
  • Contrast Sensitivity – the ability to distinguish between fine increments of light versus dark


Not only does this training improve visual skills, but it also improves overall brain functioning regarding: 

  • Executive Functioning: Focuses on your functionality in organizing, planning, and prioritizing.
  • Working Memory: Improve performance on reasoning tasks and reading comprehension, as well as functioning through your day.
  • Processing of visual information: Process and analyze accurately what is being seen and storing it in visual memory for later use.
  • Effectively increasing processing speed in decision making

Individuals who excel in this ability allow themselves more time to make a positive play and avoid costly mistakes. These individuals are better at deciphering this information, giving it meaning and value, and executing a course of action in milliseconds. For example, athletes practicing mixed martial arts, or boxing use these key brain performance factors while striking or during attack avoidance. 

Zone Performance conducts an initial baseline assessment that provides an objective, computable assessment on all these skills required to evaluate and improve your cognitive perceptual ability.  

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