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How does perceptual learning occur?

With the use of training and experience, perceptual learning allows an individual to experience long-lasting changes in their performance. For example, recent research has suggested that a new sport training tool, the Senaptec Strobes, may enhance vision, attention, and response timing. This tool includes lenses that alternate between transparent and opaque states to produce stroboscopic visual conditions. As the lenses flicker on and off, it is harder to process information, which helps the brain focus on visual tasks. The resulting heightened vision capability can improve one’s eye-hand coordination, movement, balance, and reaction time.

Strobe Training Can Improve:

Focus – Keeping the eyes on the ball through completion of a task
Timing – Accurate and precise reaction timing
Visualization – Tracking of objects in the mind’s eye
Quickness – Quick and accurate execution of a movement
Peripheral Vision – Awareness of your surroundings
Balance – Ability to keep your body in a stable position


Taking Stroboscopic eyewear to the next level, the Senaptec Quad Strobe eyewear has lenses divided into four segments. This allows you to activate each region independently and customize the visual patterns desired, an incredible breakthrough that further enhances strobe eyewear capability and use. This technology is ideal for elite athletic training, rehabilitation, and prevention while building brain health and ultimately aiding human performance. As the Senaptec Quad Strobe eyewear can be integrated and customized into existing training drills and exercises, they reign as our most versatile technology to date.


For Medical and Wellness‍
The standard practice in physical rehabilitation is to apply controlled stress to the joint or muscle that needs healing. The body responds to this controlled stress by rebuilding the area of focus. The same is true with the brain. The Senaptec Quad Strobe applies controlled stress to the area of the visual pathway that needs healing, making it a unique and highly effective treatment.

Each lens of the Senaptec Quad Strobe is segmented into quadrants, with the center intersection aligned with the pupil at primary gaze. The opacity and clear state of each region can be independently customized to create blocking patterns desired to reach specific regions of the brain. By customizing this pattern, we can select which visual pathways to the brain information is allowed to travel, thereby activating certain parts of the visual cortex and not others. For example, a patient with hemianopia would utilize the Quad Strobe with lateral or medial sides occluded.

The Senaptec Quad Strobe eyewear also induces sensory re-weighting by limiting your complete vision – both central and peripheral vision. Limiting peripheral vision limits spatial reference to the visual world, which causes the wearer to be more dependent on using other sensory information (i.e., sound/touch) to maintain postural control.

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