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How can neurofeedback improve performance?

At Zone Health and Performance Psychology we believe: “No matter how good your brain is, we can always make it better!” This is what we mean by peak brain performance. Neurofeedback is used to affect broad regulatory action of the brain, including mood, attention, self-regulation and self-control, sleep, energy, and stress. Peak performance training is different from typical forms of Neurofeedback. Unlike most Neurofeedback where a person seeks treatment for a clinical problem (such as anxiety and depression), peak performance training is more about optimizing and enhancing one’s brain functioning. This is not necessary to reduce problems, but instead, it’s about reaching one’s full potential at work, in school, or in a certain sport or activity. This type of training can improve reaction times, spatial/motor skills, intelligence, attention, awareness, and creativity. Professional or competitive athletes, busy executives, musicians, and students are the most frequent individuals who want to optimize their performance level and seek this training.

Neurofeedback can allow you to gain a competitive edge. By identifying areas of the brain that contribute to a particular skill, your performance and functioning can be enhanced. This can include eliminating factors that affect performance (e.g., anxiety, muscle tension) and also improve various areas necessary to reach your peak performance (e.g., motivation, reaction time, focus, fine-tune skills). Whether you are an athlete, artist, or business executive, we identify what your goals are and the brain-based performance factors that we can target to improve your performance levels.

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