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How can neurofeedback help with memory?

One of the advantages of neurofeedback is that it enables us to target specific areas of the brain. There is a correlation between specific areas of the brain and different types of memory. For example, a low amount of the delta brainwave towards the front of the brain is correlated with issues with working memory. Our job at Zone is to help your brain learn healthier patterns. As your brain improves, so will your memory and cognitive functioning. These improvements will also keep your brain healthier longer.
When you come in for an initial assessment at Zone we will perform a qEEG brain map, a few medical and lifestyle questionnaires, and a series of quantifiable cognitive performance tests to see if there are specific memory systems that you are struggling with, and to determine their severity. With the help of these tools, we can customize specific Neurofeedback and Cognitive-Perceptual Therapy programs for individual client needs to address any underlying brainwave dysregulations and their associated memory deficits. These programs specifically target areas in your brain that aren’t functioning optimally and gently encourage these areas to “wake up.”

The initial cognitive assessment can also act as a baseline for cognitive functioning should you experience any form of injury or future cognitive impairment such as a concussion. This would allow us to see any impacts or changes in cognitive functioning following any sort of interference in your cognitive health. This baseline can also be used to help us establish a cognitive rehabilitation program to assist you in recovery.

Research has demonstrated that Neurofeedback and Cognitive-Perceptual Therapy can be utilized to improve various types of memory such as working memory, sensory memory, episodic and semantic long-term memory performance. Furthermore, Neurofeedback therapy has been demonstrated to be very useful for memory improvements in patients who have suffered from strokes, concussions, and even cognitive decline seen in some elderly populations.

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