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How can neurofeedback help ADHD?

How neurofeedback is used to treat a person with ADHD and ADD depends on how their brainwaves are dysregulated and the resulting experienced symptoms. For example, people with ADHD predominantly show a pattern of slow-wave activity in the brain but especially in the frontal regions. Neurofeedback can be used to regulate, speed up and stabilize this activity. In the process, it can calm the person, improve their focus and with enough repetition permanently change the brain itself. This improvement occurs because there has been an actual physical and neurological change in the brain (not just a temporary treatment of symptoms as with medication).

Research regarding neurofeedback therapy and ADHD have demonstrated significant improvements in objective measures such as IQ, and measures of attention and focus (TOVA & WISC-R) as a result of neurofeedback. In addition, research has established an improvement in patients with ADHD experiencing a reduction in comorbid symptomatology of anxiety and depression.

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