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Can cognitive function be improved?

The answer is yes. Research has been done showing that cognitive function can in fact be improved. At Zone Performance Psychology we utilize many different types of advanced technology. One device in particular train our clients with the use of Three-dimensional multiple object tracking (3D-MOT). 3D-MOT is a perceptual-cognitive training system based on a 3D virtual environment. A study done by Parsons, et al. (2014) is the first study to examine the effects of 3D-MOT training on attention, working memory, and visual information processing speed as well as using functional brain imaging on a normative population. Twenty university-aged students were recruited and divided into a training (NT) and nonactive control (CON) group. Cognitive functions were assessed using neuropsychological tests, and correlates of brain functions were assessed using quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG). Results indicate that just 10 sessions of 3D-MOT training can enhance attention, visual information processing speed, working memory, and leads to quantifiable changes in resting-state neuroelectric brain function.

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