Healing The Brain With Cognitive Perceptual Training

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Even though there is still a lot unknown or misunderstanding about ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Even less is known about treatments that can help people heal their brains.

If they get diagnosed in a doctor’s office. Typically, only after completing what is called a clinical interview. Patients will typically only hear about pharmaceutical treatments that they can utilize.

And while there is a time and a place for pharmaceutical treatments. Patients who have ADD or ADHD. People should not feel pressured into thinking this is their only treatment option.

When their youngster is diagnosed with ADHD, they are faced with a difficult situation. They don’t like the idea of putting their young child on a powerful narcotic for the rest of his life. While they look for alternatives to treatment, some people might feel disappointed because of the lack of assistance from their doctor, or simply feel compelled to take the pharmaceutical

Healing Your Brain


Doctor’s became educated in the pharmaceutical school of thought, according to psychologist in Edmonton. And they are completely ignorant of different ways. However, psychologists with decades of expertise have their own ideas and treatments that they can provide to individuals who have been diagnosed with this neurodevelopment problem or suspect they might have it and want to seek therapy.

One of the first things that patients can expect when they contact’s own performance psychology for help. Is an extremely thorough assessment. Not only will they do a questionnaire and a clinical interview with each patient.

They will also conduct a medical and family history on each patient. They’ll also rule out any medical issues that might mimic the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. If they have a different health condition, no ADD or ADHD therapy will help them. And it can leave people feeling irritated and defeated.

They will know precisely what is going on. And why their condition exists. For example, psychologist Edmonton claims that concussions produce many of the same symptoms. Understanding that this is the source of their issues might assist them in finding the most effective therapy to cure those problems.

However, other problems such as anxiety, depression, or even low thyroid can mimic symptoms of ADD or ADHD. This can be incredibly beneficial for patients who have been misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Once they have ruled out those problems, then the next thing they will do is utilize objective assessments, including the Connor, Iva and Tova test, which will measure auditory and visual focus.

After all of the objective assessments are done, their psychologist will be able to make a diagnosis and then recommend the right cognitive perceptual training to help

It is incredibly important, that people realize says psychologist Edmonton. That ADD and ADHD not only can be treated. To minimize the symptoms. But patients who have this neurodevelopment disorder can heal their brain.

Psychologist Edmonton utilizes a treatment called cognitive perceptual training, as well as narrow feedback therapy. And together, these two approaches will help people heal their brains.

Because of this, doctors now realize that brain injury can be treated. But also the fractured or missing connections that give rise to ADD and ADHD.

As a result, if patients are dissatisfied with their doctor’s pharmaceutical solution, they have no longer have to go without treatment. Because they will have assistance at Zone Performance Psychology. But it will do so after a deep analysis that can help psychologists get a better understanding of what’s going on in their brain. Will assist them in developing the appropriate response.

And neuro- feedback therapy, which will work in conjunction with each other. In order to help patients learn what they need to do to heal their brain. The cognitive perceptual training utilizes activities.

Video games may be similar to those played on a big screen, such as on a video game console. They’re using the game depending on their test results. Treatments at the workplace can help people learn how to exercise their brains and heal from brain damage. Patients, however, must remember that this technique is frequently quite successful.

Patients must put in the effort on a regular basis in order to see results, just as they would at the gym. However, results may take three to five months to appear. People can eventually stop taking prescription drugs. What’s more, the benefits of cognitive perceptional training and neurofeedback

That is, people who have had this treatment will never have to return for a second surgery unless they suffer from another head injury. However, if they desire to continue receiving treatments, they may simply their brain faster and clearer. Even after completing therapy, individuals with ADD can maintain their condition by healing from their ADD

About ADD and ADHD. Or looking for more information on the treatment. All they have to do is contact psychologist Edmonton at Zone Performance Psychology.

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