Undiagnosed ADD In Adult Women

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Even though more people are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD now than ever says psychologist Edmonton. Many people are still falling through the cracks. And not getting diagnosed when they should.

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This is due to two different things about ADD and ADHD. One is the way that the symptoms can present. There is an external presentation, an internal presentation and a combined presentation.

Therefore, people that have external presentations. Typically will be able to get an assessment more readily. Because their symptoms are more noticeable. As well as more disruptive.

So they are likely to get the attention they need, in order to get an assessment, diagnosis. And ultimately a treatment that is going to help them overcome the symptoms that they are struggling with.

But also, another reason why ADD or ADHD. Is still under diagnosed. Is because the people that have external symptoms, are more likely to be male. Which means many females typically do not get diagnosed.


How ADHD Manifests in Adults

The internal symptoms, are often very difficult to see. Often manifesting as having hard time concentrating or focusing. Being disorganized, or not being able to follow directions.

And even if those symptoms are noticed. They are often written off as behaviours that could be changed. With people with this type of presentation. Being told that they should apply themselves more.

Or that they are lazy. Or should simply try harder. Psychologist Edmonton says people with an internal type of presentation. Also tend to suffer from lower self-esteem. Which means they take those comments more personally.

And the result, is that these people tend to develop coping mechanisms. To hide their symptoms. Out of shame. Which makes it even more difficult to notice. And therefore assess and diagnose as well.

Another problem when it comes to ADD or ADHD being undiagnosed. Is if people go to a medical doctor for an assessment. Because while medical doctors use what is called a clinical interview.

Which is a critical piece of information. Psychologist Edmonton says it is only one piece of the puzzle. And it is not a definitive tool. To be able to diagnose ADD or ADHD alone.

This is why, when people are thinking about getting an assessment for themselves or a loved one. They should make an appointment at Zone Psychology. Because in addition to the clinical interview.

Which discusses the symptoms that the patient has, and how it affects their life. They also use many different tools, and assessments that are both objective and subjective in nature.

That will help Edmonton psychologist understand exactly what is going on in their brain. So that they cannot only make the best diagnosis. But put together treatment that is going to be the most beneficial for that patient.

They’ll also ask some significant inquiries. These are rarely asked by medical professionals. For example, how much screen time do they get part-day? How are they sleeping at night, and have they ever had a concussion? They can ensure that individuals are not overlooked when ruling out medical conditions that may mimic the symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

According to psychologist Edmonton, ADD and ADHD are frequently identified in childhood. And it was widely thought that only children suffered from it, and that as they got older, their symptoms would go away. That is no longer the case; patients would simply develop coping methods to compensate and overcome their difficulties.

However, because females’ symptoms are typically misinterpreted, they are more frequently missed. They are also more prone to suffer from low self-esteem, which causes them to conceal their problems earlier in life.

Unfortunately, as adults with ADD or ADHD grow increasingly stressed, their symptoms generally worsen. There are many women who should not have to be if they were able to get diagnosed because there are more women underdiagnosed than males.

For example, women who are undiagnosed and untreated with adult ADD or ADHD. Often report feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. They have troubling sleep patterns.

It’s very typical, according to a psychologist from Edmonton. Adult women who have untreated ADD or ADHD are often tired. They rarely fall asleep at night. As a consequence, they utilize considerably more screen time than usual. This creates a self-perpetuating cycle, according to one expert.

That may feel good in the moment. But long-term, it makes their symptoms worse. Because they typically create more alpha brain waves. Which is what is causing their symptoms in the first place.

As a result, it is critical that adults understand the ADD and ADHD symptoms in males. Adult women are primarily affected. So that they can identify those symptoms in themselves and their loved ones. To enable them to schedule appointments with psychologists for the evaluations they require.

When someone goes to Zone Psychology instead of a medical doctor, they are subjected to numerous different objective and subjective evaluations, such as a quantitative electroencephalogram. This generates a map of the patient’s brain so that the psychologist can see exactly what is happening in the brain and come up with the proper diagnosis.

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