Can Women Have ADD?

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It was once widely believed says psychologist Edmonton. That females in general could not have ADD or ADHD. And this led to people only diagnosing males for a long time.

Another widespread misconception. Are ADD and ADHD are neurodevelopment diseases. They only afflicted children. And that the symptoms would go away as they grew older. This has caused many people to believe that adults, both male and female, cannot have ADD or ADHD. Furthermore, this leads to females believing themselves to be inferior because of it.

Who should be responsible for this neurodevelopment issue? The reason for this misconception. Because of the different ways in which the two genders manifest symptoms of this neurodevelopment condition, it’s easy to believe that they are distinct problems.

There are three primary methods that ADD and ADHD manifest in individuals. Either through two distinct external symptoms known as hyperactivity and impulsivity, or by way of an internal condition known as inattentiveness. These three variations, on the other hand, appear to be very different across genders. External indications are more common in males than females.

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While women have more internal symptoms, men are more apparent and disruptive. These are not outwardly visible or even perceptible. As a result, they are frequently missed. And they don’t get checked.

The fact that all of these signs can manifest differently from patient to patient makes it more complicated to diagnose, according to psychologist Edmonton. The inability to sit still and fidgeting might be an external symptom, yet someone who has external symptoms may dominate a discussion, interrupt a class lesson, or have sudden bursts of energy.

And they could have any or all of those signs. The same rule applies to the internal symptoms. Some people are unable to focus or concentrate, have low self-esteem, are unable to follow instructions, or are disorganized or late for school or assignments because of internal problems. They might suffer from all of these issues, or simply one.

This makes it difficult for individuals to determine if they have ADD or ADHD, especially through a clinical interview alone. Unfortunately, this is what most medical practitioners use to establish their diagnoses. As a result, even if females with internalized traits are able to visit a doctor for an evaluation, they may go undiagnosed due to their symptoms not matching

This is essential to visit an Edmonton clinical psychologist for evaluations. They do, however, make use of a clinical interview. They also utilize a broad range of objective and subjective tests. A quantitative electroencephalogram is one that takes a physical map of the patient’s brain.

So that they can make the right diagnosis. And then, come up with the best treatment using that information. To help minimize symptoms or eliminate them completely.

According to psychologist Edmonton, women are the most under-diagnosed with this neurodevelopment problem. This implies that many adult females are suffering from problems that they shouldn’t have to deal with. While women may often still be children, they can experience difficulties including low self-esteem, inability to concentrate or focus, and mood swings.

The additional responsibilities of adulthood may exacerbate women’s issues as they get older, making them far more acute and severe than they were when they were younger. Women who have undiagnosed and untreated ADD or ADHD tend to be extremely disorganized, losing track of money and important paperwork, and having a difficult time keeping track of anything.

They are frequently exhausted and late to events, appointments, and even work at home and at work. These women have difficulties sleeping and use their cellphones or computers too much. They feel irritable or sad all the time, yet they tend to self-medicate by overeating, using alcohol or drugs, gambling or engaging in other activities

Everything that stimulates the brain. To make them feel better in the here and now. However, this may actually cause increased alpha waves. These events are responsible for the problem in the first place.

It can be extremely harmful, especially to a woman. The reason for this is that women are more internal than males, which makes them harder to identify. Furthermore, because they have more internalized their issues, they have developed coping strategies sooner. Because of their low self-esteem as a result of their symptoms.

This allows them to conceal their symptoms for a short time. Psychologist Edmonton says that women frequently get diagnosed as a result of this. Because they are taking their kid for an examination. And persuade their partners to have an evaluation done.

Psychologist Edmonton recommends avoiding going to a medical doctor. Because they will typically only use a clinical interview. A clinical interview is critical. But it is incomplete as a diagnostic tool.

The thinking behind Zone Psychology, on the other hand. Use a variety of objective and subjective tests. A quantitative electroencephalogram, as well as an Iva and Tova test, are examples.

That’s why we’re creating this organization. So people can get the treatment that not only addresses their symptoms, but also heals their brains and reduces or eliminates them over time.

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