ADD Symptoms Are Different in Females

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Even though both males and females can have ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Males are still diagnosed more often, by a ratio of 3 to 1.

This is due to the fact that men’s and women’s symptoms are manifested differently. There’s a lot of misinformation out there since they’re so different. Boys, on average, have more external symptoms than girls do. Being hyperactive, being unable to sit still in a chair, climbing all over the furniture, being impulsive, dominating a discussion

According to psychologist Edmonton, people can have a combined presentation. They may have some external symptoms and some internal problems. People who suffer from this condition might also experience low self-esteem.

These symptoms may be found in children. Because they do not have the most apparent indicators of this neurodevelopmental disorder, they are frequently overlooked. Because they lack the most evident symptoms of this neurodevelopmental problem. As a result, there are many people who are walking around with undiagnosed ADD and ADHD.

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Despite the fact that 70% of children maintain their symptoms into adulthood. This is typical because it was long considered that grownups could not suffer from this condition.

Because once children with ADD or ADHD reach adulthood. If their problem isn’t identified when it’s still minor. They’ll have established coping strategies in place. That not only aids them to deal with the challenges associated with their neurodevelopment disorder. But it also masks their symptoms because of embarrassment, according to psychologists in Edmonton.

They were shamed or informed that they were lazy and did not try hard enough. Even though the problems that they had, were entirely in their heads, and the missing connections within it. However, once kids reach adulthood, this is when things get worse. They are less likely to be identified than children who have been diagnosed previously.

When a youngster is angry, they may act out aggressively. When children have been treated improperly during their early childhood years. There are numerous physical and mental health symptoms that can develop as a result of this trauma. As these problems get worse over time.

Especially if the adult is a woman. They are more prone to emotional distress. Either irritable or sad, they frequently fail. Not realizing that they have an undiagnosed neurodevelopmental issue. As a result, if humans can identify any of these symptoms in themselves. They should visit a psychologist at Zone Psychology immediately.

Brain health is a huge concern for both adults and children today. That can assist them in determining what is wrong with their brain. Then, to assist them to overcome difficulties, they should receive the following therapy.

According to psychologist Edmonton, there are three primary ways that ADD and ADHD symptoms manifest themselves. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case for different genders. This leads to a lot of misconceptions about neurodevelopmental disorders. While hyperactivity and impulsiveness are the most common ADD or ADHD symptoms, there is also an internal presentation.

That’s why individuals are having trouble focusing and concentrating. They’ll have a hard time following directions. And they generally have lower self-esteem than their peers. People who suffer from internal symptoms are frequently underdiagnosed. Because their symptoms are more difficult to detect. And the fact that these internal issues are more common in women

According to psychologist Edmonton, this has been a widespread misconception. That it is an illness only experienced by men, which leads to many women going untreated. Furthermore, says psychologist Edmonton, women are more likely than males. However, they sought to hide their problems mostly due to their low self-esteem.

In light of the symptoms, they were experiencing. As a result, there is a lot of guilt connected with the symptoms that they have. This is why they would want to conceal them from others. They continue to employ the same coping strategies as they get older. They conceal their problems even as those issues become more severe.

Untreated ADD or ADHD in adulthood. They are more likely to have emotional issues. Being frequently irritable or down. And having recurrent difficulties sleeping, as well as excessive use of electronics. They may experience difficulty staying organized and find themselves falling behind on their daily responsibilities. They often say they feel overwhelmed and worn out.

As a result, they will frequently have more vehicle accidents and develop marital or relationship difficulties if left untreated. They may inadvertently exacerbate their problems by attempting to self-medicate with marijuana. For example, trying to use marijuana as medicine. The THC component causes them to have more alpha waves in their brain, which end up worsening their conditions.

While self-medication may feel good in the moment, it will lead to a more difficult time coping in the future. It’s critical to note that white because it is so essential. Because females who think they might have ADD or ADHD are prone to emotional outbursts.

Get to Zone Psychology. Where they will be able to use several different objective and subjective assessments. Such as a quantitative electroencephalogram, as well as a clinical interview.

In order to figure out exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain. So that they can get the right diagnosis, and treatment that will help them overcome their symptoms for good.

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