Understanding How ADHD Symptoms Appear in Females

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Even though both genders, males and females can both get ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. The fact remains, that males get diagnosed over females. To a ratio of three to one, even to this day.

While it used to be thought that only males could get this neurodevelopment disorder. It is now understood. That both sexes can get this disorder. It is just the way that they present across the genders is typically very different.

Typically, individuals with ADD or ADHD experience hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Inattention is another sign of classic ADD or ADHD, however it’s more common among females. For males, the external symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity are more prominent. Females typically have internal symptoms such as inattentiveness.

As well, there is what is considered combined presentation by psychologist Edmonton. With patients having some internal and external symptoms. Which often get overlooked for many reasons.

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Many people think of ADD and ADHD as symptoms associated with hyperactivity and impulsiveness. When a person has some of the outward signs of hyperactivity but also some of the internal ones. Because it is not because they believe are typical indications. They frequently do not receive the care they require in order to be diagnosed.

When a female shows up with a combined presentation. Having some internal, but some external symptoms. They often are not even considered to have this neurodevelopment disorder.

Because many people still associate this disorder with something that only males can get. Therefore, females who have a combined presentation. Typically get labelled as bossy, pushy.

They also are accused of being overly emotional, and chatty Kathy’s. Instead of recognizing their symptoms for what they are. Indicators of a neurodevelopment disorder.

And while both male and females tend to develop coping mechanisms. To deal with their symptoms as they age says psychologist Edmonton. Females tend to develop those coping mechanisms a lot sooner.

But there’s also a reason why when parents, or teachers suggest it. To take a youngster to an Edmonton psychologist for a diagnosis. That they perform more than simply a clinical interview.

However, a clinical interview is only one piece of the puzzle. This should not be relied on by psychologists alone. For a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that many ADD and ADHD symptoms can be caused by other medical problems. Can be induced by metabolic diseases, concussions, or vision problems.

Which is why people should go to zone psychology. Because they use a wide variety of objective and subjective assessments. Including a brain scan. In order to definitively diagnose this disorder.

It is incredibly important for parents and teachers to understand ADD and ADHD symptoms says psychologist Edmonton. Because they are the child’s best chances and getting a diagnosis.

The reason why, is because the teacher typically will see the child on a day-to-day basis. And be able to observe them. In order to understand if they are displaying symptoms.

Of this neurodevelopment disorder, that is the most common in childhood. When they notice behaviours, or challenges that the children are facing. It is up to them to make the recommendation.

Of getting the child to psychologist in Edmonton for an assessment. And while some behaviours and symptoms are extremely easy to spot. Such as hyperactivity, or impulsivity.

Other behaviours are a little bit more tricky. Because while they might be noticeable. They are just as easy to overlook. Such as inattention. This is why it is very important that new matter why a student is struggling.

That the teacher rings this up to the parent. And they can both talk about the different symptoms that the student is experiencing. Independently of each other, they may not think anything is wrong.

But comparing behaviours from home and school. Together can paint a clear picture about what is going on with that patient. And when they suspect that they might have ADD or ADHD. Sending them to the right place for an assessment is incredibly important.

One problem is that many psychologists only use a clinical interview. In order to diagnose patients with ADD or ADHD. And while clinical interviews are very important to conduct. It does not contain enough information.

In order to definitively diagnose someone with this neurodevelopment disorder. What is even more important to take note of. Is that many psychologists only share pharmaceutical treatments with the parents of these patients.

Which means the only treatment option parents often know about. Is using high-powered, schedule to narcotics on their child. In order to manage their symptoms. This is very troubling, for many reasons.

Starting with the fact that the clinical interview. Is not enough information. To understand if a child has a neurological disorder. But also, there are more treatments out there than just pharmaceutical.

Therefore, parents should not be led to believe that drugs are their only hope for their child. However, when parents bring their child to psychologist Edmonton at zone psychology.

Not only will they have many different diagnostic tools used. Starting with a clinical interview, and a medical exam. That can rule out medical problems that can mimic symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Then they’ll do a quantitative electroencephalogram. In addition to being known as a brain map, this is a test that can show what’s going on in the patient’s head. The Iva and Tova tests are also available. These are tests that examine audio and visual attention. All of these factors come together to let psychologists determine

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