Understanding How ADD Symptoms Appear in Females

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Many people may not understand, that symptoms of ADD and ADHD appear differently in females and males according to psychologist Edmonton. This leads to a wide variety of problems. Including females getting under diagnosed with this neurodevelopment disorder.

The symptoms of classic ADD and ADHD are listed below. Inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness are all included in the diagnostic handbooks. However, psychologist Edmonton’s description of these three classic ADD symptoms differs.

Different from one patient to the next. Someone who is inattentive, for example, as an example. He or she may not pay close attention to detail. Or he or she could be uninterested in verbal commands. Alternatively, it’s possible that someone who has ADD or ADHD is inattentive.

While people who have hyperactive symptoms. May fidget, or have an inability to sit still. Or cannot stay quiet in a social, or classroom setting. And each of these symptoms could be present, in any combination.

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People who have impulsivity may experience any, none, or all of the following symptoms. Interrupting others in a social setting, as well as talking excessively. and Being extremely impatient and unable to wait their turn according to psychologist in Edmonton. Because the three classic symptoms exhibit a variety of presentations.

Inattention, lack of attention, and procrastination are all examples. Additionally, they may lose objects that they require. This might be more difficult to detect because the symptoms aren’t as obvious. It’s simple to hide things behind it. And finally, these symptoms are less disruptive than their hyperactive and impulsive counterparts.

The good news is that women are far more likely to have internal symptoms than males. This means females will be overlooked. And, not being diagnosed with this neurodevelopmental problem. In fact, they are more inclined to be characterized as daydreamers rather than emotional. Because they can’t complete their job due to a lack of motivation.

Females with ADD or ADHD are frequently led into this situation. To have damaged self-esteem. When they can’t do what their peers can, they call themselves stupid or broken.

When this is added to the fact that they are often called day dreamers or lazy. It can be extremely damaging to a female who has this neurodevelopment disorder.

This is why it is incredibly vital. That if people suspect their child has ADD or ADHD. That they get a subjective as well as objective assessment done. So that they are more likely to get the diagnosis they need. To give them the help that will allow them to overcome their challenges and succeed.

According to psychologist Edmonton, one of the most essential things to remember about ADD and ADHD is that people experience symptoms differently. While individuals may have external manifestations such as hyperactivity and impulsivity, they can also have an internal presentation.

Even more perplexing, though, is the fact that individuals can have a combined presentation. This means they show signs of both disorders. It’s possible that they have neurodevelopmental issues because they were the ones showing more outward symptoms.

Another misconception about this illness. It was previously considered a childhood disease, with children expected to outgrow their symptoms as they matured. That children’s brains would grow and develop as a result of the condition.

However, psychologist Edmonton says they now know. That not only can adults have ADD and ADHD. That 70% of children who have this neurodevelopment disorder. Will carry their symptoms into adulthood.

The reason why so few people are being diagnosed with this is because they have become very skilled at developing coping strategies. It’s difficult to diagnose internal symptoms, which are particularly tough for women. They’ve been coping and hiding their problems the longest, therefore they’re very good at it. They’re also less likely to be identified as adults later in life

In fact, a common scenario, is that when adults are taking their children to psychologist Edmonton. In order to get an assessment to find out if they have ADD or ADHD. They start recognizing the symptoms in themselves.

They are diagnosed as a result of that connection. This is why it’s critical if anyone thinks they, or a loved one has ADD or ADHD to visit a clinic that offers both subjective and objective evaluations. And the reason for this is because these examinations will let them know with certainty whether they have ADD or ADHD.

Consider someone who has previously suffered a concussion. Or if they have a vision problem, such as difficulty focusing. They might show signs of ADD or ADHD. However, during objective evaluations, they will discover that it is not a neurodevelopment disorder. It’s more than likely a concussion, or another condition that is triggering their symptoms.

There is still a lot that is unknown about ADD and ADHD. And a lot that is still being learned about this disorder. But the most important thing, is that there is help out there. And talking to the right professionals. Can help everybody overcome their problems and succeed.

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