Females Show Symptoms of ADHD Differently

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Even though it can be very difficult for anyone to get and ADHD diagnosis says psychologist Edmonton. It is even more difficult for females to get this diagnosis for many different reasons.

To begin with, there is still a lot of misinformation about this neurological condition. But aside from that, because there is no precise test for it.

They might end up diagnosing someone with this disorder, who are not suffering from it. Because many different medical disorders. Can actually mimic the symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

Metabolic diseases, visual anomalies, and concussions are just a few examples. As a result, they may be treating someone with ADD or ADHD medications. They might be wondering why they aren’t responding since they believe their child has ADD or ADHD. And because so many people use narcotic medications to treat ADD and ADHD.

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Another disadvantage of psychologists relying solely on a clinical interview. To identify patients with this neurodevelopment condition, they must first assess their mental state. They may miss the diagnosis and leave someone who has ADD or ADHD untreated. This is an extremely widespread problem since males and females present symptoms in different ways.

Females, on the other hand, typically had more internal symptoms. They are harder to identify. Because they begin developing coping mechanisms at a young age. To overcome their obstacles. This is why it’s so crucial for parents to seek psychological help from Zone Psychology in Edmonton. While they realize that a clinical interview is an important diagnostic tool.

It must be used in conjunction with other testing. Both objective and subjective measures are needed. To really understand what’s going on in the brain of a patient. They’ll start off by filling out a questionnaire before moving on to a clinical interview. Then, they’ll send the kid to see a doctor of medicine. To rule out any additional medical issues

When those physical, medical issues have been eliminated. The psychologist will next give the patient a brain scan, known as a quantitative electroencephalogram.

Psychologist Edmonton is going to be able to put together a more complete picture. About the symptoms the child has. And the cause of them. So that they can put together the right diagnosis, and treatment.

Even though ADHD and ADD are the most common neurodevelopment disorders of childhood says psychologist Edmonton. It is still misunderstood, and under diagnosed.

While 6% of children throughout Canada have received this diagnosis. Psychologist Edmonton says researchers believe that this is an incredibly low number.

While it was once believed that children outgrow their ADD and ADHD symptoms as they grow older. They now understand that this is not the case. And while kids were previously thought to leave ADD and ADHD behind when they grew up. As their brains matured, so did their problems. They now realize that this isn’t correct anymore. Furthermore, by the

It stands to argue, that there are a significant number of adults living in Canada. That actually have ADD or ADHD. And are undiagnosed, and therefore untreated.

However, the reason for this is due to their under-diagnosis in adults. As children, they create coping strategies in order to not only conceal their problems but also compensate for them. They develop exceptional coping skills as they grow up. They frequently accept the label given to them as kids.

So their self-esteem suffers significantly. Which is why they rely heavily on their coping mechanisms. Unfortunately, psychologist Edmonton says that as they deal with the increased pressures of adulthood.

The stress level causes their coping mechanisms to no longer be effective. And untreated, ADD and ADHD. Can actually have people turning to substance abuse in order to deal with their symptoms.

This is why it is incredibly important that people get diagnosed as early as possible. Ideally in childhood. Before they develop those coping mechanisms. That can make diagnosis much harder.

Unfortunately, females who have ADD or ADHD. Tend to develop those coping mechanisms a whole lot earlier than their peers do. Because it impacts their self-esteem more. And they can end up with anxiety and depression because of it.

Not only is it more difficult for individuals to identify women, since their symptoms are more internal, but it’s also much more difficult because in addition to the external signs. They have no distinctive patterns of behavior. When they’re inside school, their grades might suffer. Because they have no identifiable behaviors, teachers may mistake them for being unproblematic.

This is why it is very important to get these children to Zone Psychology. Because they use a number of tests, and assessments. In order to diagnose exactly was going on in the patient’s brain.

The use a quantitative electroencephalogram for example. Which creates a brain map for the psychologist to use. In order to understand what brain waves are active. So that they understand if this is a neurodevelopment disorder that they are suffering from.

They will also use diagnostic tests such as the Iva and the Tova. Which measures visual and auditory focus and attention. Therefore, when a female is accused of not paying attention in school.

The Iva and the Tova test. Can determine if the reason why, is neurological in nature. This is so important to do, so that people can get a true diagnosis. And treatment that will help them overcome their symptoms.

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