Females Present Symptoms of ADHD Distinctly

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It is extremely important for parents and teachers to understand ADD and ADHD symptoms says psychologist Edmonton. That way, they can help get assessments, and diagnosis for their children.

While ADD and ADHD are considered. The most common neurodevelopment disorder in childhood. It is still very underdiagnosed in children. However, females typically get more underdiagnosed than males.

This is due to the fact that the symptoms and how they show across genders. not only are they distinct, but females frequently exhibit more internal symptoms.

Another reason why women don’t get diagnosed. As frequently as males with ADD or ADHD do. Because, while many psychologists still use a clinical interview as their only diagnostic method. To diagnose this condition. And while the clinical interview is an invaluable tool, it alone does not provide enough data.

In fact, psychologist Edmonton says ADD and ADHD should be considered more like a puzzle. And the more tests that are performed. Can add more puzzle pieces. And the more puzzle pieces there are.

Why ADD Goes Undiagnosed in Females

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People are referred by their physicians to psychologist David Douglas at Zone Psychology for psychological testing. They will ask each patient to fill out a questionnaire before beginning a clinical interview. Before we can rule out any medical issues, we’ll need to complete a medical examination. That could be the reason why the patient is exhibiting symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

After the medical assessment, they will do a wide variety of objective and subjective assessments. That will help the psychologist gather all the information they need. In order to be able to make that definitive diagnosis.

They will start with what is called a quantitative electroencephalogram, also known as a Q E E G. Which will create a map of the patient’s brain. Including all of the brain waves that are active.

It will show how active they are or are not, and what areas of the brain they are in. Because this will help psychologists understand if they do have this neurodevelopment disorder. And to what extent.

They will also go through the Connor, Iva and a Tova tests. That measure in part, the auditory and visual focus and attention of the patient. And once they have all of these diagnostic tests done.

They will be able to not only diagnose ADD or ADHD. But put together a great treatment. That is designed not only to help them overcome their symptoms. But heal their brain, so that those symptoms can potentially go away.

When children are struggling in school, psychologist Edmonton says. Teachers and parents should consider getting their child assessed for ADD or ADHD.

Even if their symptoms don’t seem to be there. Children frequently create coping methods as a result of this. To conquer the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And, in spite of the fact that three major features are included in them (hyperactive, impulsive, and forgetful). The manner in which those indicators show themselves might vary considerably from one

With patients displaying those symptoms in a variety of different ways. With patients having all, some or even just one characteristic of that type of presentation.

For example, someone who is hyperactive. Fidgety and squirming are common. Being unable to sit still and keep quiet. And this might mean that they disrupt in a classroom setting. Or perhaps pay attention in class

What makes it even more difficult. Is the fact that males and females show symptoms differently typically. With males showing more external symptoms. And females showing more internal symptoms.

Therefore, any time a child is struggling. To rule out a possible neurodevelopment disorder. That could be affecting their ability to learn. Parents can bring their children into his own psychology.

In order to have psychologist Edmonton do an assessment. That can help them diagnose their child. Or definitively rule out this neurodevelopment disorder.

However, as previously stated, what typically occurs in a classroom setting is that the more disruptive students are identified. They take up more of the teacher’s time and attention. They eventually receive a recommendation for an assessment. Those symptoms indicate a neurodevelopment problem that can be treated.

The drawbacks of having ADD and ADHD. Females, in particular, are prone to learning how to deal with things a lot sooner. As a result, those symptoms can be hidden more easily. Females will generally develop anxiety and sadness as they try to cope with the symptoms associated with this neurodevelopmental condition.

They might be working harder than their peers. And are beating themselves up on the inside. Which is why it is extremely important. For children to get the assessments they need. To get a diagnosis.

The sooner patients can get to Zone Psychology for an assessment. The sooner they are going to be able to get a diagnosis, and treatment. That will help them overcome their challenges and succeed.

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