Females Present Symptoms of ADD Differently

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It is extremely important for people to understand, that there are many different symptoms of ADD says psychologist in Edmonton. That way, they are not trying to see specific symptoms before getting their child, or loved one to an assessment.

There are several diverse ways the signs appear. External manifestations may also be present. Hyperactivity and impulsiveness are examples of external symptoms. Internal inattentiveness is a term used to describe these symptoms. Because they can manifest in a variety of ways, diagnosing ADD and ADHD is difficult at best.

From males to females. Male behavior is associated with more external indicators such as hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Females, on the other hand, are more prone to inattentive type symptoms. This causes disruption in the classroom more frequently. And because of this, a teacher has to deal with that child for longer periods of time.

However, because females typically have more internal symptoms. They might be called day dreamers, or lazy. But because they are not interrupting the class. They get less attention, and often get missed being diagnosed.

Why ADD Goes Undiagnosed in Females

As well, in females, they tend to develop more coping mechanisms. And develop these mechanisms very early on. So that they can not only hide their symptoms. But overcome the challenges that they have.

They may have low self-esteem after time. And they could become anxious and depressed. Because of the knowledge. That they are working harder than their peers and have to work twice as hard. They will continue to be underdiagnosed than their male counterparts despite all of this.

This is why it is incredibly important. For patients to get an assessment with psychologist Edmonton, at Zone Psychology. And the reason why, is because they use many different assessments. In order to diagnose this disorder.

What most people would believe is incorrect. There is no single diagnostic test available. ADD or ADHD can be unequivocally identified. And psychology in Edmonton says it’s more like a puzzle that they’re putting together.

This is why Zone Psychology is so beneficial. Because using many different objective as well as subjective assessments. Means that they will gather many different puzzle pieces. That can lead to a diagnosis that can help patients.

When people are struggling with symptoms. That they think might be associated with ADD or ADHD. Or if a parent is wondering about symptoms and their child. Making an appointment at Zone Psychology can help them significantly.

As females and males typically show symptoms of ADD and ADHD differently says psychologist Edmonton. It leads to a lot of misconceptions and missed diagnoses about this neurodevelopment disorder.

When it comes to the most common ADD or ADHD symptoms. Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity are all listed in the diagnostic systems handbook. And individuals will typically exhibit one sort of symptom over another. This implies that they will commonly include the display internal manifestations. External symptoms are also added more frequently than internal ones.

However, the manner in which these symptoms manifest themselves. One person’s may be very different from the next. As a result, someone who has hyperactive symptoms

People who have more internal symptoms, such as those who are not attentive or lose things. Or delay. And having a hard time following instructions might be one of them. They may have any, some, or all of these problems. However, because they are internal issues, they are frequently dismissed.

The biggest problem with this, is the fact that more females than males display internal symptoms. Therefore, more males get diagnosed more often than females do.

Anxiety and depression are common in females as a result of the way their brains develop. Since they are aware of the fact that they are having difficulties. And to achieve the same amount, they must work harder than their peers. All of this may be avoided if you get the correct diagnosis. Taking individuals to Zone Psychology in Edmonton for a proper evaluation can

Not only do they not depend on symptoms alone. In order to diagnose this neurodevelopment disorder. Especially because a lot of the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Can actually be caused by medical problems.

Such as a concussion, or a vision syndrome. So not only do they do a questionnaire, and a clinical interview. They also rule out medical problems. And then do several different assessments.

That are both objective and subjective in nature. So that they can figure out exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain. They will also do a quantitative electroencephalogram.

Which is a technology that creates a map of the patient’s brain. So that psychologist in Edmonton can see what brain waves are active in the patient’s brain. They will know if the brain waves are over acting.

Or if they are under acting, and where they are active in the brain. That combined with all of the other assessments that they do. Will help them reach the right diagnosis. And find the right treatment for each patient.

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