Females Display Symptoms of ADD Distinctly

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Even though ADD and ADHD are the most common neurodevelopment disorders of childhood says psychologist Edmonton. A lot is still misunderstood, and unknown about these disorders.

While they are learning more all the time. Some of the outdated ideas that doctors and individuals used to have about this condition. They tend to be considered correct. This misinformation may lead to people not receiving the proper diagnosis, which can result in significant issues for them as adults. In fact, 70% of kids continue to experience symptoms into adulthood.

And while 6% of children get diagnosed with this neurodevelopment disorder. Only 2% of adults in Canada are diagnosed with this same disorder. Which means that people are not diagnosed in childhood.

Adults are more difficult to diagnose because they usually do not get recognized in adulthood. And part of the reason is that by the time children reach adolescence. They’ve established tactics for handling difficulties. However, those methods become less successful as a result of increased stress. The more stress they experience, the older they get.


Adults who have undiagnosed and untreated ADD or ADHD. They frequently turn to alternative coping methods, such as substance abuse. To cope with their difficulties

The fact that while there are three major symptoms, inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, is a typical issues with this condition. The way these symptoms appear varies from patient to patient. However, they are more internal for women. Males have externalizing symptoms more frequently than females. And it’s especially prevalent in the classroom environment.

The main reason people with ADD/ADHD experience symptoms is because they are being overlooked. As a result, children with ADD or ADHD are more likely to get teacher attention. This will lead to receiving an invitation for evaluation. And because they won’t be interrupting lessons as frequently. They will be neglected and not given the opportunity to obtain an evaluation

In reality, even when females have more external indicators. They’re frequently labeled as bossy, pushy, or overly emotional. Continue to get the attention they need in order for me to propose that you be examined. And this is why psychologist in Edmonton does not exclusively rely on clinical interview.

Then when looked at all together. Can help them understand exactly what is going on with each patient. So that they can get the right diagnosis, and treatment. Therefore, anyone who suspects that they or their loved one might be struggling with this. Should make an appointment at Zone Psychology.

It is very important for people to understand, that adults, as well as children, can have ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. It was often considered only a childhood neurodevelopment disorder.

It’s true that doctors previously thought. Those children could continue to carry their symptoms into adulthood. But by the time they’re grown up. They’ve typically developed several coping strategies. And these coping mechanisms will cause them to hide their problems.

What makes it even more difficult. Is the fact that males and females typically display their symptoms differently from each other. With males displaying more external symptoms.

Being hyperactive and impulsive, for example. That is much easier to spot. Internal symptoms are more typical in females. Not being able to concentrate, paying attention to details, and delaying are all examples of this. Females that go undiagnosed often begin to doubt their self-esteem.

This can lead to females having anxiety and depression. Especially when they start to realize. That they have to work harder than their peers. In order to accomplish the same amount.

This is why it is very important that people, parents, and teachers especially. Should be well aware of all of the different symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Including the internal symptoms, and how they present.

That’s why the best option is to find a psychologist who specializes in this condition. So that if they notice one of their pupils was having difficulties. They can make the appropriate suggestion. The parent should take the youngster to see a psychologist in Edmonton so they may receive the evaluations they require. To get the right diagnosis and therapy for this neurodevelopmental

They use a variety of objective and subjective assessments. That altogether can show the psychologist what is going on in the patient’s brain. So that they can make a diagnosis confidently.

They will not only do a clinical interview. But they will also utilize what is called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a brain scan, that will make a map of the patient’s brain.

Another advantage of Zone Psychology is that it employs natural, drug-free therapies that are safe to use on patients of all ages. Treatments starting at four years old and up

So that when people do not want to use narcotics to minimize their symptoms. They do not have to when they talk to psychologist Edmonton about their concerns.

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