Differences Between Female And Male Patients

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Despite the fact that what causes ADD and ADHD between males and females says psychologist Edmonton. Is the same thing, the way the symptoms are present between the two genders is completely different.

Because of this widespread misconception, many individuals believe that ADD and ADHD are synonymous with hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

Another issue is that parents become concerned if their kid seems to be having a hard time. They then get them evaluated by a psychologist or a doctor, who will only employ a clinical interview to establish the diagnosis.

Many parents may be concerned that their kids will be diagnosed incorrectly. Because while a physician may believe a clinical interview is sufficient. To make this diagnosis, it isn’t enough to rely on one diagnostic tool. Many people jump to that conclusion. That there is only one diagnostic instrument that can with certainty diagnose ADD and ADHD.

Psychologist Edmonton says people should consider ADD and ADHD to be more like a giant puzzle. And the more tests that they utilize. The more pieces of the puzzle they get.

When they’ve put as many pieces together as possible. They’ll begin to have a clearer perception of the picture. What the patient has and what they can do to treat it to reduce symptoms

For example, if a patient has previously had a concussion. They might experience a slew of symptoms that are similar to those seen in ADD or ADHD. Perhaps they have an eye condition, such as convergence disorder, that is causing them problems.

They will in addition to the clinical interview perform an Iva and a Tova test. A quantitative electroencephalogram will be performed on them.

Which will create a brain map, for the psychologist to understand what brain waves are active, how active they are. And where they are active. So that they can understand more about what is going on in the patient’s brain.

According to psychologist Edmonton, many individuals may not comprehend how varied the two genders can be when it comes to ADD and ADHD. However, there are significant distinctions between the two genders that have resulted in many women being overlooked. In fact, across Canada, males are still diagnosed at a rate of three to one over females.

Researchers are unsure why. Males, on the other hand, generally have more external symptoms. Such as hyperactivity and impulsiveness, which result in a lot of damage and distraction. That causes enough chaos and confusion.

For example, inattention is far more difficult to notice. And while they are fighting the same amount as their male counterparts. The symptoms are considerably more complex to comprehend. They also have a hard time maintaining attention. They don’t cause any disturbances. They make frequent mistakes, procrastinate, and have a tough time staying focused.

This is why it’s critical for parents and teachers to be on the lookout for signs that their kid has difficulties. They should not try to make a defense, claiming they are not having problems with ADD or ADHD. Because the symptoms are subtle. Because females may show signs of external hyperactivity long before they exhibit internal hyperactivity.

They will not be given the diagnosis that they require. That may assist them in receiving the therapy that will enable them to overcome their issues. They’ll be labeled as pushy, bossy, or over-emotional. Therefore, regardless of what type of symptoms a woman has, there’s a good chance she won’t get diagnosed with this

However, if parents bring their daughter to a psychologist in Edmonton, they will be able to do many diagnostic exams. They will be able to determine whether or not she has ADD or ADHD with this test. They will take a quantitative electroencephalogram, which is a brain scan. It will show them what brain waves are active in the patient

This is quite significant for individuals who are experiencing internal symptoms. Because the quantitative electroencephalogram should demonstrate this. They have large, sluggish brain waves. That is typically only when people are asleep.

This is very important for patients to visit a psychologist in Edmonton in order to acquire a diagnosis. Because they will be given an array of different diagnostic tools that are both objective and subjective. That can assist them in determining the proper diagnosis and treatment.

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