Why ADHD Is Underdiagnosed

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Despite the fact that more children are being diagnosed with this neurodevelopment disorder says psychologist Edmonton. It is still underdiagnosed, with many people walking around with symptoms that are causing them challenges in life.

While children are most often diagnosed in childhood, 70% of them will continue to have symptoms into adulthood. This means that there are a lot of adults who have ADHD and don’t know it. However, the psychologist in Edmonton has a significant problem with this. The fact that after people reach adulthood, they generally create so many different coping methods to assist with.

They also believe that many of the issues they are facing are simply personality flaws and that if they could just be more organized, they would be much more successful. They consider themselves to be less lazy or disciplined.

Adults with ADD and ADHD, on the other hand, have several challenges. It’s not just that they struggle; they don’t need to. But they’ve developed various coping methods. Typically, they cease to operate.


When their stress levels rise. Because as they get older and face additional pressures. Their coping methods no longer function as well. Getting married, raising a family, and having a career are all examples of this. And when their coping strategies fail, they become incredibly frustrated or turn to substance abuse to cope with their problems.

If people actually got diagnosis they need to says psychologist Edmonton. That not only could give them the answers to their problems. But help them get the treatment they need to as well.

However, many people are very worried. That if they do get a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. That they are going to need to to take high-powered narcotics for the rest of their life. And they do not want to.

But psychologist Edmonton says they do not need to worry. Because while there are pharmaceutical approaches. That does not need to be the case when they visit Zone Psychology.

They provide all-natural, drug-free therapies. They are not only extremely efficient, but also quite secure for people of all ages. And since the youngest kids in Canada are being diagnosed at four years old.

They will need to be on a strong narcotic. They may go to Zone Psychology for all natural, drug-free therapy instead. Whether or not they already have a diagnosis.

Many people believe that there are too many people being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, according to psychologist Edmonton. Nonetheless, it is still underdiagnosed. Many individuals are suffering without knowing why. Furthermore, there’s another major problem. There are three primary ways in which ADD and ADHD manifest themselves in patients. Those that have hyperactive or impulsive behavior are also included. They are diagnosed sooner and more frequently than those with non-impulse control problems. Because their symptoms are apparent and obvious, they get diagnosed faster and more often.

People who lack concentration, however. They frequently report that they are unable to focus or must read paragraphs 2 or 3 or 4 times. In order to comprehend what is being stated. Or they may have a poor sense of self-esteem. Even these symptoms are less obvious than that. As a result, they are frequently overlooked or simply not diagnosed .

A fantastic approach to overcome these difficulties is to visit Dr.  at Zone psychology in Edmonton. Because they have a variety of diagnostic instruments at their disposal. In order to overcome their challenges, they must solve the puzzle as a whole.

The more tests they use, the better picture they have. The better understanding of what is going on with the patient. So that they can come up with an effective treatment that will help them.

When people go to Zone Psychology, they will be sent for a physical assessment first. And the reason why, is because many different medical problems.

Can actually mimic symptoms of ADD or ADHD, such as vision problems or metabolic disorders. Once those are ruled out, they can come back and fill out a questionnaire.

After that, they’ll do a lot of objective testing to show them all of the various symptoms they might be experiencing. The patient will then sit down for a clinical interview with a psychologist in Edmonton. And describe how the symptoms have affected their life and how long they’ve been suffering.

One of the most important benefits of these objective assessments. Is that once the treatment is started. They can repeat these objective assessments a few weeks or months later.

They’ll be able to assess the effectiveness of the treatment by determining whether it’s working. By examining firm, and measurable outcomes. This manner if the therapy is successful, they’ll know that. And they can keep going. And if the treatment isn’t effective, they’ll be able to alter it to better assist each patient.

Whether people are adults, or children. They do not need to be struggling with symptoms of ADD or ADHD. And making an appointment to come to Zone Psychology is the first step in helping them avoid those problems.

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