Understanding ADHD in Females

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A common problem that people have when it comes to ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Is the facts that not everybody has the same symptoms. Especially from one gender to the next.

While there are external presentations, there are also internal ones. And what psychologist in Edmonton refers to as a combined presentation. Males generally have an external appearance.

As a result, it’s more likely than not that they will receive the attention they require. To see a psychologist in Edmonton for an evaluation. While females are struggling at the same level. They are frequently overlooked. This is why it’s so critical for parents and teachers to understand the various ways that ADD and ADHD may manifest themselves.


Another thing to bear in mind. There is no single definitive diagnostic test for ADD or ADHD. A disorder that can be diagnosed with this method is called ADD or ADHD. And the more instruments that are employed, the better psychologist has a sense of what’s going on inside the patient’s brain.

For example, when people come in for the first time. They are sent for a physical assessment with a medical doctor. To rule out medical problems that can mimic signs of ADD and ADHD.

Another good example is a metabolic disease. This can lead to similar actions. The patterns of behavior exhibited by persons who have ADD or ADHD are well-known.

Therefore, ruling out these medical problems first is extremely important. So that they do not try to treat a problem with ADHD solutions, that is a medical issue instead.

Fill out a form when no medical issues are found. The next stage is to complete a questionnaire. They’ll list all of their symptoms on the form. Then the psychologist will go through it. And they will conduct a clinical interview with the patient. This is to discover how those problems have affected their life and how long they’ve been suffering.

In this will help them understand how important treatment is. And what symptom resolution will look like in each patient. These are very important steps. To give psychologists a better idea about what is going on in their brain.

Then they will conduct a variety of objective and subjective tests. So that they may not only see what is going on in their minds. But they can also observe tangible results. To see whether the therapy they have been using is really producing any results and treatments can be continued or altered if necessary.

There are many important things that people should keep in mind says psychologist Edmonton. When it comes to understanding the symptoms of ADD and ADHD between genders.

This is because the two genders typically show symptoms of this neurodevelopment disorder differently. And since males typically have more external symptoms.

Another misconception about ADD and ADHD is that it only affects youngsters. Then, as their brains mature, the symptoms will go away. However, this is no longer true.

While ADHD is one of the most common and neurodevelopmental disorders in children, it affects 70% of youngsters throughout their lives. Many adults do not receive a diagnosis that will assist them.

The reason why they will not get a diagnosis. Is because they typically will have developed so many coping mechanisms. And will live under the assumption, that their symptoms are simply personality traits.

They assume they can live and function well. If only they were more disciplined, more focused. Or to stop being so lazy. However, those who have ADD or ADHD. Are no better able to manage their symptoms than others. And someone with high blood pressure might cause themselves to have low blood pressure simply by wishing it so.

The reason why, is because they believe a multi-diagnostic approach to understanding exactly what is going on in their brain. So that they can make decisions about what the best treatment is. That can give what they call a symptom resolution.

A great example of this, is the large amount of diagnostic tools that they use. In order to understand fully. What is going on in the patient’s brain. One of the most important tools they use.

Is called a Q E E G. Which is also known as a quantitative electroencephalogram. And it is a piece of technology, that will create a brain map. That psychologists can use to determine what is going on in the patient’s brain.

The brain activity monitor will show you all the different brain waves that are active. Delta, beta-1, and beta-2 are a few examples. It will reveal to psychologists where the brain is overreacting and where it is under reacting. They’ll use objective testing methods instead. Visual and audio stimuli are used in this technique.

They will also use equipment to objectively measure brain processing speed, cognitive capacity. As well as many different types of memory that people have. Such as long-term and short-term memory, as well as sequential memory.

Once the psychologist Edmonton has all of these diagnostic tools. They will be able to come up with the right diagnosis. And subsequent treatment plan that will make a real difference in the lives of their patients.

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