Understanding ADD Symptoms in Females

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One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. Is that male can have it, and females do not. And the second biggest misconception. Is that only children are affected by this neurodevelopment disorder.

While it is the most prevalent neurodevelopment disorder in childhood. Many children are going untreated for a variety of reasons, including the fact that some individuals have external symptoms. Starting with the fact that some people have visible symptoms. But other people have internal ones.

Will get more attention from parents and teachers alike. Not only are into learning symptoms a lot more difficult to witness. But because they are not likely to be interrupting teachers and parents.

They are less likely to be recognized. Despite the fact that they, like other students, are frequently struggling. Who have external ADD or ADHD symptoms. Another issue is that individuals might have a mixed presentation. Which implies they exhibit some outward signs of ADD or ADHD. And interior problems as well.

They do not resemble their stereo typical ADD or ADHD case. They are rarely diagnosed by a psychologist. Even though they, too, have difficulties comparable to other students. And while this is the most prevalent and neurodevelopmental condition among children. It is frequently overlooked because of the symptoms exhibited by some individuals.

What Treatments Are Available For ADHD?

If they are not diagnosed as children. Because 70% of kids retain their symptoms into adulthood. That means there’s a large number of adults who don’t have their neurodevelopmental problem diagnosed. And so, because it is untreated, it causes additional stress for them.

Therefore, their symptoms may become unmanageable, as they deal with the stress of adulthood. Such as getting married, starting a family and having children. Dealing with career and bills.

Therefore, there coping mechanisms may longer work. And they can develop difficulties. As well, people who have undiagnosed ADD or ADHD. Often turn to substance abuse in order to cope when there coping mechanisms no longer work.

This is why it is critical to obtain the proper diagnosis as soon as possible. Hopefully before they are toddlers, but if not, as soon as they reach adulthood. As a result, if people have been labeled lazy or unfocused. Or that they have too much energy and lack discipline.

Getting to psychologist Edmonton at Zone Psychology is an important first step. Whether going to be able to get an assessment, that can help them figure out why they have these difficulties. And what they can do to overcome their problems.

While there are three main types of symptoms in ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. How those symptoms present themselves is extremely varied. So even when people present with the same main types of symptoms. They may have completely different behavior.

This can contribute to people having a difficult time getting diagnosed. Particularly when their symptoms are not as noticeable. Often called internal symptoms.

As well, what complicates the matter even further according to psychologist Edmonton. Is the fact that across the genders, the way these symptoms present is split.

With males typically displaying more physical and external symptoms. While females will exhibit internal symptoms that are difficult to detect, and so diagnose. Then there are the pay builds with a combined presentation, which means they have both external and internal symptoms. Which can be confusing for people observing their actions even more.

This is why it’s critical that they perform more than one diagnostic tests. To diagnose this neurodevelopment condition. One test does not provide a complete enough picture in terms of identifying the problem. It is therefore emphasized by psychologist Edmonton that seeing this neurodevelopment disease as a vast puzzle is more significant.

When they finally put those pieces together, the picture becomes clear. As a result, the more tests they conduct, the more puzzle pieces they will have. And it’s not just important to have a lot of diagnostic tests. It is also critical that patients receive objective and subjective evaluations. Because when a patient has an objective test done.

They can redo the test, and see if the treatment is effective at minimizing symptoms or not. This is why, when patients come to Zone Psychology they will get a questionnaire to fill out.

That describes all of the symptoms that they have, and how they present. Followed by a clinical interview with psychologist. Where they will describe how these symptoms have impacted their life.

And how long they have been affected by those symptoms. Next, they will undergo what is called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a type of brain map.

That is going to show doctors what’s going on in their brains. It will display the types of brain waves that are active in which area of the brain, for example. And how strong they are. They’ll know whether the brain waves are hyperactive if that’s the case. Delta and Beta waves indicate an underactive brain if they’re over

As well, another objective test is called the Iva and the Tova test. Which is twenty minutes long, and measures audio and visual attention.

This is perfect for females, that we have internal symptoms. That will be designed to measure their response to visual and audio cues. How they respond, will show psychologist going on with their brain.

By going to psychologist Edmonton at Zone Psychology. People will be able to get many tests done. That can help them get the right diagnosis. They can get the right treatment.

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