Treating Females With ADHD

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The reason it so important for psychologist Edmonton. To treat females with ADD and ADHD. Is because they are an extremely underdiagnosed population.

This is for many reasons, but primarily. Because the assumption for many years. Is that boys are the only gender to get this neurodevelopment disorder. However, that is now known to be false.

But although it was now known to be false. It is a misconception that is prevail and to. With boys to girls being diagnosed by a ratio of 3 to 1. This means there are a lot of females that are struggling.

What Treatments Are Available For ADHD?

While these females frequently begin having difficulty in school since they were kids. According to studies, 70% of kids with signs have this condition. They remained symptoms into adulthood, contrary to popular belief. This is why it’s so vital for people to realize that ladies and adults can get this neurodevelopmental disease.

The reason it’s so bad, and the fact that adults can have it. Because as they get older, most people develop coping strategies to manage their symptoms. And they believe that their problems are due to personal characteristics rather than lack of motivation or focus.

Another issue says psychologist Edmonton is that stress will make symptoms worse. Therefore, the coping mechanisms that they developed that once worked, often will not anymore.

When they start working in their chosen career, and dealing with that stress. Including the stress of having a significant other, raising children. And paying bills, and buying homes to name a few things.

Therefore, when their coping skills no longer work. Many people that have ADD or ADHD that is undiagnosed. Often turn to substance abuse. In order to cope with their problems.

This is why it so important for people to understand. That if they were not diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD in childhood. It is not too late to get a diagnosis that can help them.

More people than ever before. Are getting diagnosed in adulthood. And because there is a 70% genetic component to this neurodevelopment disorder. Often adults are getting diagnosed.

When they take their kid to a psychologist in Edmonton for an evaluation. They find out that not only do they have ADD or ADHD, but also that there are many similarities and some of the same symptoms. And once they discover this, they can obtain the assistance they require to overcome their challenges.

Therefore, it does not matter how old someone is, if they, their parent or their significant other. Thinks that may be they could be helped by an assessment. They should reach out to Zone Psychology in order to make an appointment. To get the help they need to overcome their problems.

There are many things that psychologist Edmonton do. To help diagnose as well as treat ADD and ADHD, in either gender. And regardless of the age of the patient.

In fact, although they can help people find a pharmaceutical solution. To ADD or ADHD in themselves, or in their children. They also have many different non-pharmaceutical approaches.

That are absolutely safe for patients of all ages. Therefore, since the youngest children in Canada are being diagnosed with this neurodevelopment disorder at four years of age.

This all-natural treatment that they have. Can be used to safely to treat four-year-olds, all the way up to adults who are just getting diagnosed with this disorder.

The first step when people come to Zone Psychology, is going through many different diagnostic tools. That can give the psychologist a good idea of what exactly is going on in their brain.

And they will be able to come up with a great treatment plan. Using not only neuro- feedback therapy, but cognitive behavioural therapy. That can help them heal the missing and broken connections in their brain.

That cause the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. So not only are they simply so they are not simply medicating the symptoms. They are actually helping heal the brain, to naturally heal the cause of the symptoms.

Neuro-feedback is a technology that uses sensors to be placed on the head of a patient. The sensors are then used to collect information about what’s going on in the brain. After that, the data is transmitted via those sensors back to the brain.

They can understand where the brain is over and under reacting. Through the use of what is called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is quite simply put, a map of the patient’s brain.

This is going to expose a psychologist in Edmonton to the workings of the brain, as well as what brain waves are currently active and how active they are. And where they’re located in the brain. Additionally, this will provide information for zone psychologists to give feedback via neuro-feedback. That’s not however the only tool available at Zone Psychology.

The next tool they use is cognitive behavioural therapy. And depending on what symptoms the patient has. And what their objective assessments safe. These are a series of computer programs and games.

That patients simply feel as though they are playing a computer game. What they are doing, is helping train their brain how to respond. So that they can heal brain, and not have the symptoms any longer.

People should first contact Zone Psychology for a diagnosis. They’ll eliminate any physical issues, and then do a questionnaire and clinical interview to pinpoint the problem.

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