Treating Females With ADD

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Although some people may realize that they ADD and ADHD presents across genders is different says psychologist Edmonton. The treatment for males and females is exactly the same.

However, getting to the point of having a diagnosis. In order to get a treatment is often difficult. There are a lot of misconceptions about this disorder. And a lot that people misunderstand as well.

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about this neurodevelopment condition. Is that it’s not genuine at all, is one of them. This view exists because ADD and ADHD symptoms frequently appear to be behavioural. People are also accused of not trying hard enough or being lazy. Unfortunately, this isn’t correct in the slightest.

It is not simply a condition. It is, in fact, the most prevalent and neurodevelopmental disease in children in Canada. As a result, it’s vital to understand why children behave this way. What causes behavior issues in children? Because they are missing brain connections they require. To manage their actions.

Then a person with high blood pressure be able to control their blood pressure by thoughts only. It is a real disorder, that needs a real treatment in order to minimize or eliminate symptoms.

Another misconception that people often have with ADD or ADHD. Is that it is a disorder that only affects children. The common belief many years ago. Was that children would outgrow their symptoms.

As they grew up, and their brains continued to develop. However, this is now understood to be very false. And 70% of children who are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Carry their symptoms into adulthood.

However, there is a problem with this. As adults, they are exposed to more challenging circumstances such as getting married, having children, paying bills, and developing their careers. Their symptoms may get worse as a result of stress. The reason why their symptoms worsened is because stress causes ADD or ADHD symptoms to worsen.

In fact, it is very common for people with undiagnosed ADD or ADHD. To actually turn to substance abuse, in order to cope with their symptoms, that they are no longer able to manage alone.

The third prevalent misconception about this is that it’s a disease only suffered by males. This is an accepted notion. And the reason for this belief. Because boys are more likely to have external indicators than females. As well as struggling with the same issues, when it comes to what is happening in their mind.

They will get diagnosed more often, with the ratio being 3 to 1 of boys being diagnosed to girls. However, both genders can be affected. And knowing this. Can help people refer them to the right psychologist Edmonton for they can get a diagnosis and treatment.

It’s critical for individuals to comprehend ADD and ADHD, according to psychologist in Edmonton. To the point of knowing there are internal as well as external symptoms. Many people have not received the diagnosis they require because of this misconception. They should locate a treatment that may help them. However, this misunderstanding has been prevalent time and time again.

That once children, or adults reach this diagnosis. The only solution, or treatment available is through the use of medication, typically schedule to narcotics.

Ritalin and Adderall are to the most common medications that doctors start treating ADD and ADHD with. However, there are seven different clients of ADD according to psychologist Edmonton.

Only one of them responds to treatment at all. Which is a small proportion of those who might benefit from medication in the first place. And as a result, it’s easy to understand. When parents are concerned about their children taking strong narcotics.

However, the reason why doctors continue to start treatment with medication. Is because when it does work, affect is instant, and dramatic. However, psychologist Edmonton wants people to know, and be reassured.

That even though there is medication as a solution. That does not have to be the only option. Because they use a series of natural treatments in order to overcome their symptoms.

Example, Zone Psychology uses cognitive behavioural therapy. As well as neuro- feedback, in order to naturally treat the brain, where it is over reacting and under reacting.

So that people can naturally make those connections that are missing in their brain. That causes their symptoms. And over time, and minimize and eliminate the symptoms altogether.

They can get started on this, by making an appointment. Where they are going to undergo some subjective and objective assessments. And the reason it is important to do both.

Is one, it will give the psychologist Edmonton and that I understanding of exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain. But also gain an understanding about how it is affecting their life.

And the more diagnostic tools they use. The better understanding they have of their entire condition. Help them create the best treatment for each individual patient that they see.

There equipment for the objective and objective assessments will allow them to measure audio and visual attention. As well as measure brain processing speed, short-term and long-term memory.

As well as things like cognitive capacity and sustained attention. While taking a brain map, through the use of a quantitative electroencephalogram.

All this information together, can inform psychologist exactly what is going on. So that they can create the best treatment. And then partway through treatment. Redo the objective assessments.

To get a definitive answer. On whether the treatment is working or not. And if not, what they have to do to fix that the patient in the long run.

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