Symptoms of ADD in Women

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One of the most important things for people to keep in mind says psychologist Edmonton. When it comes to understanding ADD and ADHD. Is that it can affect men and women equally.

The cause of this misconception. Because men and women’s symptoms are frequently quite varied. With males having more external symptoms than females. In fact, the ratio of men being diagnosed females is 3 to 1. Which reflects how strong a prejudice there is against women.

It is significantly underdiagnosed in women. Means many people are struggling with this, and not needing to if people can recognize the symptoms easier.

One of the first things to consider is how ADD and ADHD symptoms in women manifest. They’ll be more internal in nature. Frequently causing people to lose attention, fail to focus.


While it can be very easy to see that somebody is struggling. It is a lot more difficult to make the correlation between struggling, and ADD or ADHD. And by the time people get to adulthood.

They have already developed many different coping mechanisms. That keep other people from being able to truly see if they have very stereotypical symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

It’s possible that people have developed coping strategies without even knowing it. It’s critical, though, that those who haven’t been diagnosed get one. The reason for this is because stress can aggravate ADD and ADHD symptoms in these individuals. And as they confront issues such as marriage and childrearing.

Increasingly, people are attempting to cope with the changes and challenges of modern life. This can lead to more serious problems if they don’t have effective coping mechanisms in place. Which might result in individuals struggling more than they ever had before. Additionally, it appears that children who were exposed to trauma early in development may struggle even more intensely as adults.

Adults who have been dealing with their ADD and ADHD symptoms for many years. They may not even recognize them as symptoms. And just write them off as personality traits, in other words.

They should contact Zone Psychology in Edmonton for an evaluation. They must call or send an email to Zone Psychology to begin. It might be life-changing for them.

My understanding that adults can have ADD or ADHD. That women can also have this neurodevelopment disorder. Can start changing people’s lives, for the better.

According to psychologist Edmonton, one of the most crucial things for individuals with ADD or ADHD to remember is that it can be treated. That it is curable and non-medication therapy is enough. That people make the mistake.

This is not the only treatment. And there are other, all natural and safe routes that they can utilize. However, if they are looking for this answer with their doctor. They may not get it.

As a result, many medical doctors are unfamiliar with all of the treatments for all illnesses. They also learnt in a pharmaceutical model when they studied medicine. Which teaches them to use medication to cure issues. And as a result, physicians are not trying to harm anyone.

However, zone psychologist knows. That there are seven different clients of ADD. And medication only works in one of them. Therefore, it is not as an effective treatment as many people assume.

As well, if a patient is one of the people that responds well to Ritalin or Adderall for example. They may be very hesitant to take its. For many reasons such as they are not sure of the effect of taking a stimulant long-term on their heart.

Or the effect of taking a schedule to narcotic on their liver long term. Or, they simply do not wish to take a medication if there is a different alternative treatment, that is not narcotic in nature.

The treatment options that they have at Zone Psychology. Include cognitive behavioural therapy. Which feels like playing video games, while their retraining their brain, and fixing broken or lost connections.

At the same time, they are also giving feedback. They provide input. It’s placing sensors on the patient’s scalp and using them to send information to the brain. Where it is overreacting and where it is overreacting. So that they may start to heal themselves.

Not only can it map their brain. But it can map their brain waves as well. That can show psychologist what brain waves are active, where they are active. And how active they are. These Delta and beta waves as they are called.

Should be in different quantities, in different areas of the brain. And that is how they know where the brain is over and under reacting. In fact, when people get assessed at Zone Psychology.

Not only are they going to be able to have an all-natural treatment. But they are also going to have many different assessments done. Both objective and subjective.

So that psychologists can get a good idea of what is going on in their brain. So that they can develop the right treatment to minimize their symptoms permanently.

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