Overcoming ADHD Symptoms

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There are many things that people with ADD and ADHD are challenged with says psychologist Edmonton. But initially, getting the diagnosis is one of the most important things. And even that can be a challenge.

The reason why that the challenge. Is because there is a misconception that only males can suffer from this neurodevelopment disorder. And that this neurodevelopment disorder only affects children.

There are several reasons for these misunderstandings. However, the fact that the signs only appear across both genders is due to a biological reason.

Being excessively active and impulsive. While the symptoms women generally experience are more internal, such as lack of focus, there are exceptions.

Because women are frequently overlooked, since the symptoms appear in a distinct pattern. However, another problem that might make determining whether someone has ADD or ADHD more difficult is when individuals have a joint appearance. This happens because certain folks can have a mixed presentation.

The reason why, is because as people grow up, and their brains matured. They develop coping mechanisms, to deal with their symptoms. Therefore, if they do not get diagnosed in childhood.

It is quite likely, that they will not get a diagnosis at all. And will tend to think that the problems that they have, are simply personality traits that they have. That makes them struggle.

Psychologist Edmonton says they typically will say that they would struggle less if they were not so lazy. Or if they had more discipline to work harder. And those are all misconceptions.

Because people who have ADD or ADHD. Are unable to be disciplined, cease procrastinating, or work harder than those without the condition. Someone with high blood pressure can use their ideas alone to lower their blood pressure. Therefore individuals must understand that if they had these difficulties as children. They are almost certainly to experience them as adults.

As they deal with more adult problems, such as raising children, having a spouse. Paying bills, and having a career. And as there coping mechanisms stop working, any turned to substance abuse.

This is why it is fundamentally important. People that have symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Go to psychologist order to get an assessment. To find out if there is treatment that can help them.

The reason why they should go to Zone Psychology, is because they believe it is important to have an objective and subjective assessment. As well as many different diagnostic tools. In order to help them have a complete picture. That can help them find the right treatment for each patient.

There is still a lot of information that is unknown about ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. They already know far more information than they once did. Unfortunately, some of those misconceptions continue to persist, to this day.

For example, misconception is that only children can have this neurodevelopment disorder. And that as their brains matured, they outgrow their symptoms.

But researchers now know that not only is this untrue. But 70% of children that have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Carry their symptoms with them into adulthood.

Another misconception that people have. Is that only boys can get ADD or ADHD. And this is due to the way symptoms typically present in boys versus girls.

They now realize that both men and women can have this neurodevelopment disease. As a result, they are now able to identify and treat more individuals. This will allow them to overcome their problems. When people are ready to obtain answers regarding why they are having difficulties. The first step is reaching out to Zone Psychology. Because there are numerous different tests involved

The first thing that patients will do when they get to Zone Psychology, is have a physical assessment. Because medical problems can often cause symptoms similar to ADD or ADHD.

Once they’ve ruled out any medical issues, it’s time to focus on the psychological ones. They may then have a high degree of confidence that this condition can be treated. If they have a metabolic disease, for example.

Those can mimic symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Such as appearing to lack concentration. Or not sitting still of the desk. Once those medical problems are fixed, symptoms can often disappear.

The next thing that they will do at Zone Psychology says psychologist Edmonton. Is have each client fill out a questionnaire. With all of the symptoms that they have.

It is followed by a clinical interview with the psychologist. That discusses how those symptoms are impacting their life, and how long they have been affected. And this will help them for growth what the right symptom resolution will be.

The next thing that psychologist Edmonton will do. Is go through any different objective assessments. That not only will show exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain.

It will also provide them a mechanism to determine if the therapy is working. Quantitative electroencephalograms, for example, produce a map of the brain. They undergo auditory and visual attention testing as well as cognitive capacity testing. They may also take tests to see how fast their brains process information and how long their memories endure.

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