Helping Females With ADHD

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The reason whites important to help females who have ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Is because they are often undiagnosed. Due to the way their symptoms typically present.

While there are three primary ways that ADD and ADHD manifest themselves in patients. Hyperactivity, impulsivity, and lack of attention. These traits might be observed in a variety of situations. However, women generally have trouble concentrating or focusing. And while this can be tough for others to detect, it is important to do so since it may assist with diagnosis


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This is why is incredibly important for people to know the symptoms. Particularly if they are parents or schoolteachers. So that they can get the help that those students were struggling need.

In fact, it was once widely believed says psychologist Edmonton. That ADD and ADHD is an affliction that only males can get. Due to the large number of males getting diagnosed.

However, it is now known that it can happen equally across both genders. Unfortunately, the ratio of boys getting diagnosed to girls. Is still 3 to 1. Which means there are a lot of females without a diagnosis that can help them.

The place that they should turn tooth to get help is Zone Psychology. Because they understand that both genders can have this problem. And they use many different diagnostic tools.

In order to get a very clear picture of what is going on in each patient’s brain. In the first place that they start, is a physical assessment. Because they understand that different physical problems.

It can have an impact on a person. And they should exhibit symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And once the medical issues are resolved. The problems go away. A great example is a metabolic condition.

Another example says psychologist. Our if people have vision problems, such as an accommodative issue, or convergence deficiency. And going to a vision therapist can help them overcome that problem.

While those symptoms may appear to be those of ADD or ADHD. In particular, avoiding reading or attending class. Because they have difficulty viewing. When the vision issue is resolved.

The symptoms that look like ADD or ADHD go away. So the psychologist Edmonton at Zone Psychology. Will look for physical problems first. That can be solved very easily when it is know what they are.

The next item to consider. Is the amount of diagnostic testing that is done. To diagnose ADD or ADHD in patients, physicians will utilize a variety of tools. It will provide doctors a better idea of what’s going on inside the patient’s brain. When a psychologist is willing to diagnose someone after only one clinical consultation.

Therefore, if people are looking for a great ally in helping their child. They should visit Zone Psychology, and find out all of the different tools they use. To help their child to succeed.

When people are struggling, particularly in school says psychologist Edmonton. They should go to Zone Psychology for an assessment. Because they have many different diagnostic tools. That can help figure out what is going on in the patient’s brain.

They are opposed to relying only on subjective evaluations, such as questionnaires and clinical interviews. To understand the patient and their issues. However, they also utilize objective tests. As a result, they can obtain certain answers about what’s going on in the person’s mind. When they repeat the test, they may track measurable outcomes.

Several weeks or months after the start of treatment. So that psychologist Edmonton can make the determination. If the treatment is effective. And if so, how many more treatments they will likely need.

To obtain what they term “symptom resolution.” However, if they discover after repeating the objective evaluations that they are not getting with the treatments. n psychologist Edmonton will be able to reframe their methods and treatment. And attempt out different approaches in order to see whether the therapy is working. This is why measuring things objectively is so important.

One of the first objective assessment that they use. Is called a quantitative electroencephalogram, also called a Q E E G for short. Which is a tool, that can help create a map of the patient’s brain.

This allows psychologists to see what’s going on in the brain, such as which brain waves are active, how active they are or aren’t, and where they’re located. And also where in the patient’s brain they’re concentrated.

The brain waves that they are looking for our Delta and beta one and beta two. And while all of these brain waves are very important. They need to be in certain parts of the brain, at certain times.

Other than the quantitative electroencephalogram. They will also use an Iva and a Tova test. Which measures audio attention, and visual attention. To measure quickly the patient responds.

To each of the stimuli. This can help psychologists understand if there is a delay in response. That could be causing their difficulty concentrating and focusing.

Another test that they use can objectively measure brain processing speed, long-term and short-term memory, Cognitive Capacity and attention.

Using a wide variety of tools. Gives them a very good understanding of the patient, their symptoms and their difficulties. And it can also help them together the right treatment plan.

When people are struggling with ADD or ADHD, whether they are adults or children. Going to Zone Psychology is the first step. That can help them get real answers, and real results.

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