Females Can Have ADHD

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While many people often believe that only males can have this neurodevelopment disorder, psychologist Edmonton says this is actually not true. However, it persists, because of how ADD and ADHD presents and either gender.

One of the first things that people need to understand. Is that there are three main ways that symptoms of ADD as well as ADHD show up. They are hyperactivity, impulsivity, and an inability to concentrate.

They are classified as internal or external. With how obvious they are. And while people can have both, and what is called a combined presentation. Typically, people either have external symptoms or internal symptoms.

It’s because they have more readily observable symptoms. They’re not only more obvious, but also more disruptive. As a result, males receive more attention than ladies.

Why ADD Goes Undiagnosed in Females


Another difficulty with diagnosing ADD and ADHD, however, is that because there are three primary types of presentations. For example, hyperactivity, impulsivity. And a lack of attention. The manner in which these symptoms appear varies greatly from person to person.

Therefore, even if someone can recognize that a lack of concentration can be a symptom of ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Many people may not realize each specific presentation.

For example, one presentation may be having trouble following verbal instructions. However, in another patient, they can do so just fine. They have a hard time keeping up with a spoken presentation, though. Alternatively, this might show up another way.

As a result, psychologist in Edmonton notes that there are many different options. An internal presentation may occur. However, it is considerably more difficult to detect females with this neurodevelopment disorder. Furthermore, studies have shown that the incidence of adults being identified with this illness drops dramatically if it is not discovered in childhood.

While psychologists claim that most individuals develop coping skills. To assist them overcome their issues. They must also recognize that stress exacerbates these symptoms. So that they can maintain a consistent approach to managing the disorder’s side effects over time.

That is why it’s critical for people to understand. That not only can women have ADD and ADHD. That it typically manifests in a different way. And that they may get an evaluation by contacting Zone Psychology. That will assist them in receiving the correct diagnosis, which will lead to the appropriate therapy to help them live successfully.

Despite this, the misconception persists. And it is keeping many individuals from receiving a diagnosis away. That might be really beneficial to them. However, by keeping so many people out, it indicates that a psychologist in Edmonton is concerned.

And while it is true, that when people start taking narcotics to treat their ADD and ADHD symptoms. They will need to take those drugs on a long-term basis.

People do not have to take medicine in order to cure this neurological disorder. As long as they make an appointment with a psychologist, they will be fine. The answer is because they offer both ADD and ADHD patients with natural, drug-free treatments. And it can assist people not only manage their symptoms of this neurodevelopment problem.

The first step, is help the psychologist understand exactly what is going on in their brain. And they can do that through many different assessments.

The reason why it is critical to have a variety of assessments is because, despite popular belief, there is no one diagnostic tool that can determine this condition with 100% accuracy. And when youngsters or adults are being diagnosed for the first time, that’s very concerning.

For example, one of the first things that psychologist Edmonton will do is rule out any physical problems. Such as a metabolic disorder that could be causing the symptoms.

Additionally, there are a variety of organic issues that can affect the brain, including concussions and vision problems. It’s also possible that it mimics symptoms of ADD and ADHD. People frequently discover that their conduct, or their friends’ and behavior, is affected when these issues are dealt with. However, after the physical ailments have been ruled out.

This is followed up by a clinical interview with psychologist themselves. In order to find out how these symptoms are impacting their life. And how long they have been impacting their life for.

And after that, they will wonder what is called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a tool used by psychologists to create a map of the patient’s brain. That will show them what brain waves are active, and where they are active.

That is beneficial since it will be possible to see where the brain is overreacting and under reacting. To assist in making a diagnosis.

By redoing the objective testing. Can show psychologists definitively. If the treatment is effective. And how many more treatments they will need. For what they call complete symptom resolution.

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