Females Can Have ADD

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There are many different misconceptions about ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. But as researchers find out more, more myths are being dispelled about this neurodevelopment disorder.

A widespread misconception that was quite widely accepted as truth. It’s commonly thought that children with ADD are the only ones who suffer from it. They outgrow their symptoms as they get older. Unfortunately, this isn’t true at all 70% of persons diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as youngsters continue to have them throughout adulthood

However, it is usually taken for granted. The reason being that children outgrow their issues by the time they reach adulthood. Because by the age of adults, they’ve already mastered so many coping strategies. They use cognitive behavioral therapy to overcome their problems. And people frequently believe that their troubles are caused by laziness or inattentiveness.

However, people need to understand. That this neurodevelopment disorder is caused by having missing and damaged connections in the brain. So that no matter how hard people try to overcome their symptoms.

Can ADHD Patients Heal Their Brain

Another misconception about ADD and ADHD is that it is a disease that only affects males. And why this misconception persists, according to an Edmonton psychologist.

Because of the different ways in which the two symptoms impact people of each gender. Boys are more often than not seen to have external symptoms, such as hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Females, on the other hand, are more frequently affected by internal problems, such as being unfocused or having difficulties concentrating and low self-esteem.

The symptoms in males are more likely to disrupt a teacher in a classroom setting. They are more likely to catch the attention of the instructor.

People should remember, though, that the two sexes might exhibit different symptoms. But, more significantly, a combined presentation is possible.

Where people have some of each symptom. And people with a combined presentation. Are often underdiagnosed as well says psychologist Edmonton.

Because they are not exhibiting the typical symptoms of ADD or ADHD. When people can overcome their misconceptions. More people can get tested, and diagnosed. And ultimately helped, with this neurodevelopment disorder.

It is very important for people to keep in mind that females can have ADD or ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. Because girls are typically under diagnosed with this neurodevelopment disorder.

In fact, the ratio boys to girls getting diagnosed is 3 to 1. And the reason why females are more likely to go undiagnosed. Is because they have less disruptive symptoms, often getting labelled as a daydreamer or lazy.

However, this is not always the case. In actuality, it’s very probable that those who have ADD or ADHD are putting in more effort than their peers. People with ADD or ADHD are usually trying harder than others. Whether it’s in school or at work, they may benefit from getting the right diagnosis and receiving treatment to allow them to flourish

In fact, many famous people have received the diagnosis of having ADD or ADHD. Such as singer and musician Justin Timberlake, Olympian Michael Phelps. And Canadian comedian Howie Mandel.

While they all have this neurodevelopment disorder in common. What they also have in common. Is one’s they were able to get diagnosed, and then treated.

They were able to overcome their symptoms. And excel in their chosen careers, and become famous for their successes. Because they were so successful after getting treatment.

Therefore, people need to understand that they will be able to get the help they need. Once they get the right diagnosis. However, many people are fearful that medication is the only treatment in their future.

While medication is used to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, such as Ritalin or Adderall. These are not the only treatments available. And in fact psychologist Edmonton has many natural treatments.

That can help people not just deal with their symptoms of ADD and ADHD. But it can actually help heal their brain. So that they no longer have the broken or missing connections that contribute to their symptoms.

And many people are able to go in for treatment, and over several sessions can minimize their ability to need medication at all. Or eliminate the need for medication as well.

Therefore, if people are worried that they will get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. And then have to take a powerful narcotic for the rest of their lives. This is not true. They can see psychologist Edmonton for the testing they need.

In order to get a diagnosis of what is going on in their brain. Such as a quantitative electroencephalogram which is a brain map. And will show the psychologist exactly what is going on in their brain.

Such as what brain waves are active, what areas the brain they are active in. And how active they are. And with all of the testing that they have available. They will be able to come up with the right treatment plan.

To treat their ADD and ADHD symptoms naturally. Whether they are external, internal or both. To help people overcome their difficulties. And excel in life.

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