Females Can Get ADD

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Even though the perception is that ADD and ADHD are things that only males get says psychologist Edmonton. This is actually not true. However, the reasons why that perception exists is based on what people used to think about this neurodevelopment disorder.

In fact, doctors and psychologists used to think so. That it was a condition that only affected males. Because the symptoms of this illness are different between the two genders. Typically, males will have a more external manifestation of the problem. For example, hyperactivity or impulsiveness are examples of this type of symptom.

Therefore, they typically get the attention they need. From the teacher, in order to make the recommendation to the parents. To take them for an assessment with psychologist Edmonton.

However, females can have ADD or ADHD. It’s just that the symptoms they experience are referred to as internal by psychologists. For example, lacking attention and inability to follow instructions are examples of internal problems. as well As having low self-esteem. These are difficult to spot, which is why they do not receive the help they require.

Quantitative Electroencephalography Qeeg

As well, psychologist says it used to be believed psychologists and doctors. That it was a neurodevelopment disorder that only affected children. And that they would outgrow their symptoms.

As they got older, and their brains continued to develop. Researchers now know that 70% of children keep their symptoms into adulthood. Just over 2% of adults have been diagnosed with this condition. That means there are a lot of people who don’t realize they have it.

The biggest problem with this says psychologist Edmonton. Is that stress exacerbates ADD and ADHD symptoms. And there coping mechanisms that they have developed no longer work.

And while they might not be stressed currently, as they get more adult responsibilities. Such as a house with the mortgage, bills. As well as a spouse, and start to raise children.

The stress can become unmanageable. Which would end up with their ADD and ADHD symptoms becoming out of control. Therefore, a diagnosis is extremely important.

In fact, it is often the loved ones of a adult that is suffering with ADD and ADHD. To draw their attention to the fact that they think they might have this disorder.

Because many adults that have not, have written off their struggles as personality traits. Thinking they are lazy, unfocused and lacking discipline. However, psychologist says people need to keep in mind.

That they are no better able to control their behaviour. Then someone with high blood pressure. Could control that through thoughts alone. Therefore, should not feel bad. But get the proper diagnosis, and treatment.

When people make an appointment at Zone psychology, they are on the right track to get the diagnosis they need. To help them overcome their problems.

Despite popular opinion to the contrary, psychologists in Edmonton have determined that males are not the only ones who can develop ADD or ADHD. Researchers now understand this. There is just a distinction between how men and women exhibit symptoms. And while they may appear to differ, both genders face the same amount of difficulty when dealing with ADD and ADHD.

However, treatment will not happen without the right diagnosis. And contrary to what many people believe. There is not one diagnostic test that can definitively diagnose ADD or ADHD.

Instead, psychologists say it is more like a complex puzzle. And more tools they use to diagnose this disorder. The more puzzle pieces they have.

They can provide a clear image of what’s going on in the patient’s mind. This is why it’s so critical for patients to visit Zone Psychology with psychologist Edmonton. Because they’ll be able to conduct a variety of diagnostic tests that are both subjective and objective in nature.

But also, the objective nature of some of the tests. Means that there will be a measurable difference. When they redo the tests, after a few months of treatment.

Therefore, they will be able to say with absolute certainty. If the treatment is working or not. So that they can readjust, and continue treatment. Or simply continue with the course of treatment that seems to be working perfectly.

The different diagnostic tools that they use, are extremely varied. Starting with what is called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a brain map.

It shows doctors exactly what is going on in the brain, including brain waves. The next assessment that they utilize, is called an Iva and a Tova test. Which measures audio tension as well as visual attention.

When subjecting the patient to either an audio queue, or a visual cue. Injuring how quickly it takes them to respond. Help them understand if focus is their problem.

The next assessment that they will do is measure brain processing speed as well as long-term and short-term memory. As well as things like cognitive capacity, sustained attention, and sequential memory as well.

When they have completed all of the tests. Psychologist Edmonton will be able to review all the results. And not only diagnose the patient. But come up with the right treatment.

That can help them heal their brain, and overcome their symptoms. And while many people are nervous, thinking that they are going to have to be on medication.

Psychologist Edmonton also has all natural, and medication free treatments. That not only are effective for patients of all ages, from the age of four up.

However, they will also be able to aid in the healing of the patient’s brain. As a result, because what is triggering the symptoms has vanished or decreased, they are no longer experiencing them..

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