Female Adults Can Have ADD

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Even though many people have often believed that ADD was an affliction of childhood says psychologist Edmonton. That is now known not to be true. And that adults can have this affliction as well.

The idea that children are born with ADHD is a widespread misconception. It’s believed that only males were afflicted by it. This is due to the symptoms they exhibited, or more often external in nature. However, even if women can be affected by this neurodevelopment condition. It is less probable today than it was in the past

In fact, the statistics in Canada show. That while five point 3% of children are diagnosed. And psychologist Edmonton thinks that this is lower than it should be. Only two point 5% of adults have this diagnosis.

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Which means there is a large percentage of adults in this country. That are not diagnosed. And are dealing with their symptoms, through coping mechanisms. Whether they are good and effective or not.

The problem is, when people do not get that diagnosed in childhood. They often believe that the problems that they are experiencing. Our personality traits instead of a disorder.

They may believe that they are lazy, unfocused, or lack discipline, which is why. When the truth is that they just don’t have enough brain connections. That’s something they’ll find out once they learn about treatment options.

The reason why it is underdiagnosed in females according to psychologist Edmonton. Is because females to we have more internal tape symptoms. That are not as noticeable, particularly by parents and teachers.

As a result, they do not receive the attention they require in order to receive a recommendation. To take them for an evaluation at a psychologist. Another issue lurks within this problem, which is that not all psychologists utilize the same diagnostic tools. There isn’t any single diagnostic tool that can identify ADD and ADHD.

It is more like a great big puzzle, and the more pieces they find. For example, the more diagnostic tests they utilize. The better picture they can have about what is going on in the patient’s brain.

Therefore, if they go to one psychologist, who uses one diagnostic tool. And that psychologist does not diagnosed them with ADD or ADHD. Does not mean that they are not suffering from this disorder.

This is why going to Zone Psychology is so important says psychologist Edmonton. Because they will use many different diagnostic tools. Both objective and subjective.

That will help them discover many of the puzzle pieces. So that they can come up with a better diagnosis. And subsequent treatment to help people.

According to psychologist Edmonton, many people thought that boy children were the only ones who could have ADD or ADHD. That belief is no longer held. It’s simply a misconception and a persistence. Because of how boys and girls manifest symptoms. Boys, on the other hand, are more likely to exhibit external signs such as hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Girls on the other hand are far more likely to have internal symptoms such as lacking concentration and focus. Or having low self-esteem. And those are much more difficult to witness.

And another problem with getting diagnosed with ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Is that once people grow into adults. If there ADD or ADHD has gone undiagnosed.

Not only are the way the symptoms present often different. But adults have also most likely come up with coping mechanisms. To help them function, despite the fact that there struggling with these symptoms.

Therefore, while boy children will often show their hyperactivity. As getting out of their seat in classroom setting. And climbing furniture while they should be paying attention.

Adults, on the other hand, may sit at their desk and not climb furniture. However, they might become restless or fidgety. They also avoid professions that require them to set a desk because they know they would not be able to do it well. People who were identified as having impulsive tendencies as children.

Alternatively, they are talking too much sociably. They recognize that they should quiet down, but they are unable to do so. Adult ADD or ADHD symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity might be described as daydreaming. Females, on the other hand, have been known to as kids because of their inability to focus or concentrate.

As a result, by recognizing that these are all ADD or ADHD adult manifestation. Can assist folks in contacting a psychologist in Edmonton to get an evaluation and diagnostic tests conducted.

Often, it is also the significant other of the adults suffering with symptoms of ADD and ADHD. That suggests they see someone in order to get tested. Because they have been able to see the symptoms themselves.

At Zone Psychology, use objective and subjective assessments. Such as a questionnaire, to find out what symptoms they struggle with. A clinical interview, to discover how those symptoms have affected them.

They’ve also been utilized in a variety of tests, such as quantitative electroencephalograms, and Iva and Tova tests, as well as others. That will assist them in putting all of the pieces together. Understanding exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain is critical.

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