Diagnosing Females With ADD

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The reason why it is so important to understand ADD in females says psychologist Edmonton. Is because it has been misunderstood for so long. In fact, it was once believed that only boys to get this neurodevelopment disorder.

As it turns out, children with ADHD do not outgrow their symptoms. However, as research into this neurodevelopment disease continues to grow, so do our understanding of it. They are finding that previously held ideas

Are no longer true. Although, the myths persist, and can often result in people not getting the diagnosis they need. In order to overcome obstacles, and stop struggling so much in their life.

However, some people are worried about getting this diagnosis. Because another misconception. Is that the only treatment available is medication based. And they do not want to take medication on the long-term basis.

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This is also due to the fact that the treatment, which is based on medicine, is so powerful. By using strong stimulants that are comparable to cocaine, morphine, and amphetamines,

Because many youngsters are diagnosed at the age of four. Parents are understandably concerned about giving their child a high-powered narcotic stimulant. And while doctors continue to prescribe medicines. Because it works, it is quite efficient. And the outcomes are almost immediate. However, psychologists in Edmonton advise caution.

That there are seven different clients of ADD. And only one of them responds well to any kind of medication.

As a result, it is an inadequate starting point for finding a long-term solution. However, many individuals are unaware of any other therapies available and doctors, on the whole, are ignorant about them.

Sugar and processed meals, for example, are to be avoided. Furthermore, more healthy fat and protein should be consumed. While restricting screen time and getting to bed early are also important. And while they may not seem harmful on their own.

The treatment that psychologists refer to, is the neuro- feedback, and cognitive therapy that they have at Zone Psychology. Not only is this treatment medication free.

But it is also safe for patients of all ages. From children four years old, and all the way up to adults. And the best thing about this treatment is, it allows people to heal their brain. They are not just treating their symptoms. They are treating the cause of the symptoms. And heal their brain from the inside out.

Edmonton. And they frequently worry that once they receive this diagnosis, things will change. They’re afraid of being on strong narcotics for the rest of their lives.

However, this is not true. And there are many natural treatments that can be found at Zone Psychology. That will help them not only overcome their symptoms of this disorder.

But will help them prepare the mist and broken connections in their brain. So that they can heal from the inside out. However, before they can talk to their psychologist about this treatment.

It is very important that they get the proper diagnosis. And contrary to popular belief. There is not one diagnostic test that can definitively diagnose this neurodevelopment disorder.

Even though many psychologists have diagnosed a patient. From a single clinical interview. This is something that psychologist Edmonton, and Zone Psychology wants to get away from.

They think of ADD and ADHD as complex puzzle. That they will get a clear picture of going on. The more puzzle pieces they find, and put in place on the entire puzzle itself.

They consider all of the different diagnostic procedures that they might have. As another piece in the puzzle. The most annoying thing that people do when they visit a psychologist. They get a physical examination to rule out any physical issues. This can be mistaken for ADD and ADHD symptoms, among other things.

But also, another common problem. Our people that have a vision problem. Such as a convergence deficiency. When these physical problems are ruled out. Then, they can go onto the next step.

They will answer a questionnaire. Asking about all of the symptoms that they currently have, and previously had. Followed by a clinical interview. Discussing how those symptoms have impacted their life. And how long they have had them for.

Finally, they will be able to begin a number of different exams. They are both objective and subjective in nature, which means that doctors can obtain an entire picture of what is going on in their brain. And contain measurable parameters so that when patients repeat the test after weeks or months of therapy.

The first is a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a brain map. That will show psychologist Edmonton about what brain waves are active, where they are active.

As well as assessments that can measure brain processing speed, short-term and long-term memory. As well as things like cognitive capacity, sustained attention.

And the Iva and a Tova test, measures audio and visual attention. All of these different tests, combine to give the psychologists a clear idea of going on. So that they can figure out the right diagnosis, and ultimately the right treatment.


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