Can Females Get ADD

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Even though ADD and ADHD is the most common neurodevelopment disorder, psychologist Edmonton says. Many people think that not only is this a disorder that only children can have. But only boys can have ADD or ADHD.

Both of these claims are false. But before ADD and ADHD were known as much as they are now, it was considered a neurodevelopmental disorder of childhood only. They believed that children just wanted to make their symptoms worse. Their brains continued to develop into adult brains. However, recent study has shown this to be untrue.

Is it true that 70% of kids carry their symptoms into adulthood? However, because people believe they can’t have this sickness, adults are not diagnosed nearly as often as children.

The reason why, is because females tend to have more internal symptoms. And are often overlooked when getting diagnosed. Because their symptoms are less obvious.

The reasons behind this are as follows: Because they do not seek medical care, they are less likely to be identified. And then they go undiagnosed, just like in adults. Girls typically have internal symptoms such as being inattentive, unable to focus or concentrate, and having low self-esteem.

As women get older, they become more likely to carry their problems throughout adulthood. They will not only be more inclined to do so. But as they confront additional adult challenges, such as finding a home for example.

Undiagnosed ADD or ADHD, on the other hand, can become extremely serious. People self-medicate with drugs or alcohol as a result of this. And substance abuse rates are dramatically increased among those who have this disease but aren’t diagnosed. As a result, it’s critical that parents and instructors be aware.

That the child that seems like they are daydreaming, or not paying attention. May actually have ADD or ADHD. And while they will not interrupt the class. That does not mean that they are not struggling.

Once they see psychologist Edmonton for a diagnosis. They will be able to use tools such as the quantitative electroencephalogram. To give them Of the patient’s brain. In order to find out what is going on in their brain to get a diagnosis.

There are many things that people should keep in mind says psychologist in  Edmonton. When they are dealing with children that are hyperactive, or not concentrating.

The psychologist in Edmonton adds that they should bear in mind the following: Is there a high probability that they have a neurodevelopmental disorder such as ADD or ADHD? And that it’s not because they’re lazy, unfocused, or lack discipline. It’s not because their parents neglected to teach them as children.

While external symptoms are more common in boys, internal signs, such as trouble sleeping or eating meals, are far more common in girls. It is severely underdiagnosed.

During recess and lunch, I’ve seen kids running around the playground in teaching. While teen girls will have more internal symptoms. They’ll have a hard time focusing due to this fact. Daydreamers are not able to focus or concentrate when they should be doing so.

And if they are not diagnosed as children, 70% of people affected will carry their symptoms into adulthood. Because while 53% of children have been diagnosed with this neurodevelopment disorder.

This is a severely undiagnosed figure. Only 2.5% of adults have been diagnosed with this condition. Which means there are many grownups out there who have symptoms of ADD and ADHD but don’t know it. But because people have generally developed effective coping skills to handle their ADD or ADHD symptoms.

It is frequently their significant others that they become addicted to. Put their actions and coping methods together, and make the suggestion that they see a psychologist for a diagnosis. Because they will have developed so many coping strategies. They may mistakenly believe that what they are going through is due to personality rather than brain disease.

When clients go to Zone Psychology in Edmonton, they will be able to talk with the psychologists about all of their different treatment choices. They’ll be able to discuss all of the different therapy options with the experts on staff. Whether they pick a pharmaceutical or natural medicine approach, and whether it’s drug-free or not.

Psychologist in Edmonton says when people understand that both females and males can struggle with symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And that there is help available for them. Perhaps more can come forward, and get the diagnosis and treatment they need.

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