What to Know About ADHD

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Even though there are a lot of advancements being made says psychologist Edmonton. In the world of ADD and ADHD. There is still a lot of misinformation and this understanding.

While there is still significant development in the technologies, and treatment choices. While medication was formerly the only option. There are several other options available now. If people who have been diagnosed don’t receive therapy because they believe they need to take pills. They should schedule an appointment with a psychologist in Edmonton and see what type of technology they have access to.

People who have ADD and ADHD are often being told that they are lazy or are not trying hard enough. Or have the parents blamed for their behaviour. Because it is very misunderstood.

Many people think that because they are in control of their own actions, other individuals should be able to as well. That others should also be able to control their own behavior. Our brain’s missing connections. And that persons with this neurodevelopmental disease have a hard time changing their habits. Because we don’t understand how our brains work.

What To Expect When Getting Diagnosed

Then a person with diabetes, is able to permanently start using insulin again. So many people need to simply understand. That if someone has ADD or ADHD. They are not going to be able to control their behaviour.

The three most common ADD and ADHD symptoms. Our overactivity, poor impulse control, and difficulty focusing are all examples of this. And there might be an external manifestation, an internal manifestation, or a combination of both. And in general, what that implies. People may have physical or external signs of hyperactivity.

While an internal presentation means that the symptoms that they have are more internal, such as having an inability to focus, or lacking self-esteem.

Understandably, psychologist Edmonton says that when people have internal presentation. They are often undiagnosed, or under diagnosed. Because they may not have enough symptoms to show.

Unless they take steps to find assistance on their own. They can also have their symptoms noted by another individual, such as a parent or teacher. They are frequently undiagnosed for a long time because of this. Simply because they don’t have enough of the outside manifestations to draw attention to their actions. To get recognized and get a diagnosis.

And another problem with symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Is that within those three main ways that the symptoms manifest themselves. There can be dozens of different ways that those problems show up.

For example, people who have a problem focusing. May always be running late, or they could avoid doing projects. Or perhaps they may not be able to follow directions.

They can have all of those problems or only one of them. Which makes finding a diagnosis difficult, because there is no one way of diagnosing people.

That is why people should come to Zone psychology. Because they have a wide variety of the objective and subjective assessments. That can help them understand completely what is going on in the patient’s brain.

The reason why ADD and ADHD is often diagnosed in childhood says psychologist Edmonton. Is because teachers are able to see their behavior. And let the parent know that they should see a psychologist for a diagnosis.

However, when the symptoms that they are experiencing are not obvious, or internal symptoms. Such as inability to focus, or low self-esteem. They often are overlooked by teachers and parents.

Which means as a person grows into an adults, they often do not realize that they have a problem. And simply write off their symptoms as personality traits.

Instead of understanding that this is a neurodevelopment disorder that not only has a definitive diagnosis. But treatments that they can utilize. That can minimize or eliminate their symptoms.

However, getting that diagnosis is very important. But also very difficult. Especially due to the wide variety of symptoms that exist for this disorder.

This is why many people are now finding help with psychologist Edmonton, at its own a psychology. Because they have several different diagnostic tools at their disposal.

Including subjective and objective tests. Starting with a physical assessment, to rule out any medical or physical problems. Such as a metabolic disorder. That good be causing the symptoms.

They will fill out a questionnaire, with all of the symptoms that they are experiencing. As well as a clinical interview. Psychologists to understand how these symptoms impact their life. And how long it has been affecting them.

Next, come the diagnostic tools. That will be able to objectively measure things. Such as short-term memory versus long-term memory. As well as cognitive capacity, and sustained attention.

They will use diagnostic tools such as the quantitative electroencephalogram. Which will create a map of the patient’s brain. So that the psychologist can see.

What brain waves are active in a patient’s brain. Where those brain waves are, and how active they are, or are not. That way, they will have a very good idea vote what is going on in their brain.

Next, they will use something called an Iva test. Which measures audio as well as visual attention. That can help the psychologist understand how they respond to visual and audio clues.

When they do a wide variety of diagnostic tests. They will get more complete picture about what is going on the patient’s brain. Because not one tool actually definitively diagnoses ADD or ADHD.

Therefore, the more tools at Zone Psychology disposal. The more likely there going to have a better picture of what is going on. That can help them come up with the right treatment plan.

It is up to each patient to select the best treatment strategy for them. And psychologist in Edmonton will guide them through each of their choices. A normal program that uses medicines. Using technology such as neurofeedback, two patients were helped. To help the brain heal itself in a healthy way while reducing and eliminating symptoms in individuals of all ages.

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