What Can Help ADHD Symptoms

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It is very important for people who are experiencing symptoms of ADD or ADHD that there is help available says psychologist Edmonton. Often, because people are led to believe that their symptoms are something that they should be able to control.

However, this is because there is a lot that is misunderstood about this disorder. And it is actually one of the most prevail and neurodevelopment disorders of childhood.

While it was long thought to be a condition only affecting youngsters. And that they outgrew it as they matured. This is no longer the case. And while 70% of all children who have this diagnosis will continue to experience symptoms into adulthood. Symptoms, on the other hand, might vary somewhat or increase in severity over time.

One of the reasons why they become worse, is because stress can exacerbate symptoms. And as adults deal with things like marriages, raising children. Or following their career path, that adults stress. Can end up causing their symptoms to be more pronounced, or more difficult to cope with. Which is why it is very important that adults realize that they can have ADD and ADHD.

Can The Brain Be Healed

And where they can go in order to get the assessment. So that they can start getting the help they need. This is why it is very important that people should find out about psychologist in Edmonton, at Zone Psychology.

Because not only do they know ADD and ADHD very well. But they also have many different tests, and assessments that they utilize. In order to find out exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain.

Since there is not one tool that can definitively diagnose ADD or ADHD. The more tests and diagnostic tools that a psychologist uses. The more complete their picture is on what is going on in that patient’s brain.

This is why Zone Psychology uses a broad range of objective and subjective tests and evaluations. Starting with a physical check-up to rule out any physiological issues. Because if the patient has a medical problem. Their symptoms might be explicable by this factor. As part of their procedure, it must be excluded as a possibility.

In addition to a questionnaire and a clinical interview. That can help the psychologist understand what their symptoms are, and how it impacts their life. There are also diagnostic tests.

Including a Q E E G, which is a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is going to allow the psychologist have an map of the patient’s brain. This brain map will show brain waves.

So that doctors may observe what brain waves are active and which region of the brain they are active in again. Plus, how engaged they are or aren’t. They’ll also utilize an Iva test in addition to the brain map. The audio and visual attention test is one of them.

Once they get the right diagnosis, and a complete understanding of what is going on. They will be able to come up with the best treatment for that patient. That is going to help them manage their symptoms.

Getting a diagnosis of ADD and ADHD is the first step says psychologist Edmonton. However, once people have this diagnosis, they can still face a lot of different frustrations.

The reason why be very frustrating. Is because often, many doctors starts with medication. As the first treatment for people who have ADD and ADHD.

The reason why, is because when medication is effective. It is a very fast solution, that has very dramatic results. However, the ecologist Edmonton says while there are seven different kinds of ADD.

Only one of those clients actually response at all to medication. Making a very small percentage of people who even try medication. Have results, that can be beneficial.

Because these medicines are strong narcotics, many persons might be hesitant to try them as the first therapy. Especially because they are prescribed in the same category of medicine. As well as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines. Which have shown medical value but are also notorious for abuse. Furthermore, the negative effects can be severe.

With many people quitting medication, simply because they are unable to tolerate the side effects. And even if they respond well to this medication. And can tolerate the side effects.

The effectiveness can wear off over time. Leaving people searching for another solution. And often, doctors are unaware of different treatments, which can leave many people feeling like they are on their own.

This is why visiting Zone Psychology is so beneficial. Is because not only will they help get the right diagnosis. By utilizing several tests. That will help them understand exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain.

But that information will help psychologist Edmonton create the most thorough treatment plan that they can. Especially if a patient is looking for a non-pharmaceutical treatment.

Utilizing a new technology called neurofeedback. Psychologist Edmonton will be able to safely treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And patients of all ages, including children.

Using sensors that they place on the patient’s scalp. They are able to measure the patient’s brain waves this way. But also give feedback to the brain. In order to communicate, and tell where it is overreacting.

As well as where the brain is under reacting. So that the brain can start healing itself over time. By making connections that were missed when the brain was initially forming. As well as repairing damaged connections.

Not only will they be able to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD naturally this way. But because they have several different diagnostic tools that they utilize.

Psychologist Edmonton is going to be able to redo these tests after several months of treatment. So that they can get a definitive answer if there has been a real improvement.

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