Using Cognitive Perceptual Training

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When people with ADD and ADHD talk to their doctor, they may hear that there is no treatment that does not utilize drugs says psychologist Edmonton. But this is not true, because they have been using a number of different tools for years to treat people who have these symptoms.

It’s critical for people to avoid taking narcotic pain pills. To treat the symptoms of this neurodevelopment disease. For a variety of reasons, some specific to each person.

Parents may be concerned about giving their kids such a strong narcotic. Cocaine and amphetamines are both placed in the same category as this, as far as parents are concerned. They’re worried about what it will do to their child’s development.

When people become older, they may be concerned about using stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall to alleviate their difficulties. They are concerned about the long-term consequences of the drug on their body. The effects of the stimulant on their heart when they take it for a long time.


Utilizing Cognitive Perceptual Training

There may be many different reasons why people want to avoid medication. Or simply they tried medication unsuccessfully. Either it did not work for them. Or their symptoms were intolerable.

Therefore, people often make an appointment with Zone Psychology, in order to find out if there is treatment. That their regular doctor did not know about, because they are often for answers.

The most crucial thing that people with ADD and ADHD should realize is that no one diagnostic tool can identify them. That may be used to diagnose anyone with this neurodevelopment disease with complete accuracy.

Therefore, psychologist Edmonton uses a variety of diagnostic tools. They are able to get a more complete idea. Of what is going on in each patient’s brain.

They use clinical interviews, as well as something called a quantitative electroencephalogram. That creates a brain map of the brain waves that are active in a patient’s brain.

As well as many different tools, that can show objective measurements. About how people can process information in their brain. Using all of the different senses that they have.

Such as the Iva and a Tova tests, which will measure audio attention as well as visual attention. So that the psychologist no how each patient responds to different stimuli.

Once they have a complete picture of what is going on with that patient and their symptoms. Then they are able to put together the right cognitive-perceptual training.

That will help them start to train their brain to overcome the challenges. And repair the broken and missed connections in the patient’s brain. So that they can start to resolve their symptoms effectively.

Even though many doctors may say that there is no natural treatment for ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. They have been successfully using cognitive-perceptual training and neuro-feedback for years to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

There are video games that people believe they’re simply playing. These are really helping them retrain their brains and, in fact, reacting to those who have ADD or ADHD naturally is the way to go.

In fact, the treatments that they have developed. Have over two decades showing how effective the treatment is. And when they have sensory integration issues, their neuro- tractor can fix them.

However unlike medication. That when people see results, it is usually instant and very dramatic. With cognitive-perceptual training and neuro-feedback.

It is not so obvious or immediate. That is because it is like going to the gym, people need to go consistently, and for a long period of time. In order to see the results that they desire.

This is also why psychologist Edmonton will redo the objective tests after ten or twenty sessions. Because while most patients will see complete symptom resolution within forty sessions.

They also want to ensure the cognitive-perceptual training and neuro-feedback that they are using with the patient. Is actually generating the desired results.

Because people often do not recognize the improvement themselves. Redoing the diagnostic tools, which are objective. Is very important, to show psychologists that improvement is being made.

If there are no improvements, they can adjust the cognitive-perceptual training. In order to see if there are other treatments and other processes that can generate results that they want.

Also, they will be keeping in contact with the patient’s parents and teachers when they are children. Or their significant others when they are treating adults. To determine if they see an improvement in the patient’s symptoms.

This is because when people undergo the treatments themselves. They may not see the improvement. That others actually see. So they want to ensure that they are talking to all of the people who can determine if treatment is successful.

They also teach their patients techniques such as mindfulness, which work hand-in-hand with their cognitive perceptional training. To help individuals strengthen their brains. And one of the most significant advantages of cognitive perceptional training is that it is long-term. So that people will continue to benefit from undergoing the lessons many years later.

Because, unlike medication, that only deals with the symptoms. That is perceptual training permanently changes the brain for the better. To help people overcome their symptoms because they have changed their brains.

And while some people make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton in order to not have to use the medicine. Some people want to minimize their symptoms, as a complement to the medicine that they are taking.

In a matter what their approach is, they will be able to discuss with the psychologist what they are looking for. In order to get the benefits of the treatments.

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