Non Pharmaceutical Treatment for ADHD

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There are many different misconceptions about ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. And one of the most common misconceptions is that medication is the only treatment.

The reason why many doctors start with medication as a treatment option. For people who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Regardless of whether they are a child or an adult.

This is because of the people who do respond well to medication as a treatment. The medication offers extremely fast results. And can eliminate symptoms completely while they are on medication.

However, the medication used to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD is considered scheduled to narcotics. Those are put in the same category as cocaine, amphetamines, and morphine.


Getting Non Pharmaceutical Help

While doctors start with medications like Ritalin and Adderall. They may have to try several different medicines until they find one that works. It can be tough to cycle through a wide range of narcotics. Furthermore, psychologist Edmonton claims that many parents are airily scared about putting their kids on a powerhead narcotic on a daily basis.

Medication’s negative effects are often tough to handle. Many persons claim that they would rather deal with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD than endure the side effects of medication. That is, in addition to dealing with the after-effects of each pill. Furthermore, only one out of every seven individuals diagnosed with ADD and ADHD responds favorably to therapy.

Many patients find absolutely no relief. And are left looking for other treatment options. Another difficult thing about medication. Is that when it does work, and patients can tolerate the side effects.

It actually stops working after a while. Requiring patients to start looking for another treatment all over again. And may find that drugs are not effective any longer in managing their symptoms.

Many doctors are unaware of any other treatments for ADD and ADHD symptoms. Which often believe parents, as well as adults who have this diagnosis. Looking for solutions on their own.

They also look to different aspects of their life in order to control their symptoms. For example, they might limit screen time, get some exercise, or adopt a healthier lifestyle. They’re also getting eight hours of sleep each night. While making these positive changes, however

They are not going to significantly minimize symptoms of ADD or ADHD. This is why coming to psychologist Edmonton is so beneficial. Because not only can they help diagnose patients with this neurodevelopment disorder.

They also have all-natural, medication-free treatments. Such as neurofeedback. That is safe for patients of all ages. And not only treats the symptoms but also treats the problem behind the symptoms.

So that patients can experience minimized symptoms permanently. Because they are helping heal the brain, and repair broken and missed connections. So that people can stop having to cope with their symptoms in life.

When people suspect they or their loved ones have ADD or ADHD an appointment with psychologist Edmonton. Is one of the first things that they should do.

They have a wide range of objective and subjective evaluations, as well as many different diagnostic tools to choose from. And there are always other tests to try after each one has been completed. The reason for this is that no single tool can precisely diagnose ADD or ADHD.

One of the diagnostic tests that they use at psychologists in Edmonton is a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a technology that allows psychologists to make a map of the patient’s brain.

The Iva test is a diagnostic tool that doctors employ. It assesses audio and visual attention. The patient is subjected to a visual or auditory stimulus to measure their response time and intensity. To track how they react, as well as how quickly they do so.

In addition to that, they are thorough enough to ensure that the symptoms that people are experiencing are not caused by physical problems. Such as a metabolic disorder, which can often be a culprit.

But also ask a questionnaire, so that the ecologist Edmonton knows exactly what symptoms patients are experiencing. As well as a clinical interview. That will allow them to understand.

So that they can design the best treatment strategy possible. Especially if people are seeking a medication-free cure. And, more importantly, they have technological tools and Zone Psychology at their disposal to help them with it.

One of the most effective ways of treating symptoms of ADD and ADHD. That is completely natural, safe for all ages. It an extremely cost-effective. Is called Neurofeedback.

Putting sensors on the patient’s scalp. This will allow psychologists to not only measure the patient’s brain waves. But to send feedback to the brain. In order to tell it where it is under-reacting, and overreacting.

And using this information, the brain will start to change, and heal itself. By mending broken brain connections. That was missed when the brain was developing before the patient was born.

In addition to being able to use this technology to treat symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Also can be used to treat anxiety, which is common for people suffering from this neurodevelopment disorder. But also depression, OCD, and migraines as well.

If someone has been diagnosed with a mental illness and is seeking other treatment choices. Or if they have not been diagnosed but believe that they have one. They should make an appointment to see a psychologist in Edmonton right away to get an evaluation. Because the sooner they find out what’s going on in their minds.

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