Minimizing ADD Symptoms Dramatically

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Many people use medication to treat their symptoms of ADD or ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. No well that it is only a temporary way to minimize their symptoms. And that as soon as they go off their medication. The symptoms will return.

That is just one of the reasons why people want to try finding an alternative treatment. To their ADD and ADHD symptoms. Because they want to avoid taking drugs for the rest of their life.

However, another reason why people want to find a different treatment. This is because drugs have not been effective at minimizing or eliminating their symptoms.

The fact that they took medicine is not the only cause. Ineffective or unbearable side effects are also possible. Which leads them to seek out another method of treating their issues. And discussions with their doctor may be fruitless. Because most medical physicians have been educated in a pharmaceutical paradigm, which means they are unaware of any alternative therapies that aren’t based


However, when people make an appointment at Zone Psychology. The psychologists on staff are very well trained in alternative treatments. When it comes to many different disorders of the brain.

ADD and ADHD is the most prevalent neurodevelopment diseases. They have a lot of expertise in reducing and eliminating the symptoms associated with this condition.

What they do, is use a method called cognitive-perceptual training. As well as neuro-feedback. In order to effectively and permanently change the brain. So that people cannot only minimize and eliminate their symptoms.

People should be aware that while they are being evaluated, several different diagnostic methods will be utilized.

There is no one diagnostic tool used to diagnose ADD or ADHD. And in fact, the more tools that are used. The better idea a psychologist will have. Of what is going on in the patient’s brain. And how best to treat them.

The first thing that they will do, answers a questionnaire. Explaining all of the symptoms that they have. And then that will be followed up with a clinical interview by psychologist Edmonton.

Where they can talk about how those symptoms are affecting their life, and how long they have been effective. So that the psychologist will know how those symptoms are affecting them.

Following that, there will be a quantified electroencephalogram. That will show the patient’s brain activity in great detail. And which brain waves are present and at what intensity. Then, utilizing this data as well as several different measurable and subjective evaluations.

So that they can create the best and most effective cognitive-perceptual training program that will help them permanently minimize their ADD and ADHD symptoms.

Often, the reason why people seek out psychologist Edmonton at Zone Psychology. Is to find out if there is a treatment. That can eliminate symptoms. Instead of just masking them with medication.

When medication works, it is very effective and drastic and how quickly and can help people. However, there are seven different clients with ADD and ADHD. And only one of them responded to medication at all.

Therefore, many people may be trying a variety of high-powered narcotics such as Ritalin and Adderall. With many different doses. And will never find the right combination.

Because the treatment that they are using is ineffective for their particular form of ADD or ADHD. As a result, whether they are attempting to avoid taking medicine.

When people come to psychologist Edmonton. They are not sure what to expect. Or what it means when they say they have completely natural, and drug-free methods.

Ultimately, Zone Psychology uses cognitive-perceptual training and neuro-feedback. To help heal the brain, and create those connections that were missed during development.

That has people develop the symptoms that are well-known with ADD and ADHD. Whether they are hyperactive if they have poor impulse control. Or they lack the ability to concentrate.

They may obtain the assistance they require. From undergoing this natural therapy. Whether they are four years old or over, it is completely safe for everyone to do so. The neuro-feedback procedure includes psychologists in Edmonton placing sensors on the patient’s head and then sending information through them to the brain.

Psychologist Edmonton tells the brain where it is overreacting and underreacting. Based on the results from a quantitative electroencephalogram.

That shows the psychologist a map of the patient’s brain. Including what brain waves are active, what part of the brain they are active in. And how active they are.

While the cognitive-perceptual training. Will use a series of games. In order to help people start training their brain about what reactions are expected. Whether it’s increasing their memory, their brain processing speed.

Our whether they are into increase their ability to sustain attention. Or select what they are paying attention to. It will take about forty sessions playing these types of games during the cognitive-perceptual training.

In order to get a complete symptom resolution. However, psychologist Edmonton. Will repeat the objective assessments. To ensure that they can see a noticeable difference.

Such as utilizing the electroencephalogram again. To see if there is a difference in what brain waves are active. And where they are active, so that they can tell definitively if the treatment is helping.

The most noticeable benefit of cognitive-perceptual training and neurofeedback. Is the fact that it is completely permanent. Therefore whether it is a day, a year, or twenty years after treatment. People will have the benefits of this brain training. For the rest of their life.

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