Minimizing ADD and ADHD Symptoms

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The reason to look for a medication-free treatment for ADD or ADHD is different for each person according to psychologist Edmonton. Whether people cannot tolerate the medication. Whether they do not like the side effects. Or are concerned about long-term effects on their body.

They often are made to feel like looking for a medication-free treatment is something that they need to do on their own. Especially as most medical doctors are not aware of any medication-free treatment.

That can be very frustrating unless people hear about Zone Psychology. And the treatments that they use. That not only are they medication-free. But are completely safe for all ages to use.

What is most beneficial about this cognitive-perceptual training. Is that it allows people to play games, in order to start helping their brain repair connections.


Can The Brain Be Healed

That will start eliminating and minimizing symptoms of this neurodevelopment disorder. When people come in for their first assessment. Not only will they undergo a questionnaire.

Dr. Neely will be able to provide helpful insight into this situation as well. It will also help Dr. Neely figure out what type of ADD or ADHD they have. However, they will be subjected to a clinical interview as well. To explain how the aforementioned symptoms negatively impact their life.

That way, they will be able to see exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain. And after several sessions. They will be able to revisit that. In order to see if there is marked improvement in their brain function.

However, they also are going to ensure that patient gets a physical assessment done. To rule out physical or medical problems. Such as a metabolic disorder that is not yet diagnosed. That could explain their symptoms.

Once they undergo this assessment, will be time for the objective and subjective assessments. Including a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which is a brain map of the patient’s brain.

This brain map shows psychologist Edmonton. What parts of the brain the brainwave activity is in. And help active it is. So that psychologists know what parts of the brain is overreacting, and underreacting.

The attached electrodes are put on the patient’s head with neuro-feedback. And through those contacts, provide feedback to the brain. To instruct it where it is overreacting and underreacting. So that it may begin to heal itself. Then they combine this with a customized cognitive-perceptual training program to help patients overcome their specific ADD and ADHD

People can usually expect full symptom resolution then forty sessions. The benefit to this is once people have for resolution. That result will last their entire life unless they have any brain trauma. To that, they do not have to keep coming back or continue to take the medication in order to manage their ADD or ADHD symptoms.

When people are looking for a way to avoid using medication when it comes to their ADD or ADHD symptoms, psychologist Edmonton says. They should make an appointment at Zone Psychology. To find out their methods, and how effective they are.

They utilize a process called cognitive-perceptual training. As well as neurofeedback. In order to help heal people’s brains. So that it is not just managing their symptoms.

It cures and removes the underlying source of those symptoms. Without the use of medications. And a method that is effective for individuals of all ages. This uses a series of games that kids believe are just amusing computer games. But they are actually training their brains to have a particular kind of response.

And when people are wondering how effective this is. They should keep in mind. That brain training, and neuro- tracker, is one of the games that is used at Zone Psychology.

As not only developed in Canada. But it was created more than twenty years ago. So it has two decades of results. Showing how effective it is and helping people heal their brains.

It is very important also when people are undergoing their sessions. Prior to that, they did several objective assessments. So that their psychologist knows what their brain looked like before treatment.

So that ten or twenty treatments later. They going to be able to repeat those objective assessments. In order to see if there has been a definitive improvement in those symptoms.

However, if people are looking for an immediate fix to their symptoms. This is not what is going to happen. Much in the same way as going to the gym.

Is not going to reveal the beach body that people have always desired right now. However, this does not mean that beneficial changes are not taking place. They will, in time, see the outcomes they desire if they stick with them. Psychologist Edmonton will also communicate with the patients’ loved ones while psychologist Calgary will do so as well.

Whether that is their parents and teachers. Or their spouse, in order to see if those closest to the patient are finding their symptoms are minimized.

People will often see, changes in their loved ones. Before changes in themselves. So when they talk to the people that are around the patient most often. And they think that the symptoms are minimized.

That is a great indication that they are seeing a gradual improvement. Patients typically find complete symptom resolution within forty sessions. However, depending on the severity of the ADD or ADHD.

It may just be effective at minimizing symptoms. So that people can cope easier, or take less medication than they were before. While ADD and ADHD are very hard to overcome. Psychologist in Edmonton and Zone Psychology is dedicated to helping them lead better lives.

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